Julianna Alanne

Guide to Flash Sales on Facebook - How to Budget, Optimize and Run Short-Term Campaigns

By Julianna Alanne on September 19, 2017

Limited time offers and flash sales can be an effective way to drive revenue, particularly during seasonal holidays and festivities. Most flash sales last for 24 hours or less, so the campaigns promoting them are short-lived, too. Maximizing performance within such narrow timeframes requires a different campaign management approach compared to longer campaigns.

Petteri Jalonen

Beyond Travel Retargeting: Dynamic Ads for Travel with Broad Audiences

By Petteri Jalonen on September 12, 2017

Travel advertisers can now reach new prospecting audiences based on the travel intent people have shown - without any additional setup to their hotel catalogues.

Thomas Schoemaecker

Top Tips: Lead Generation on Facebook

By Thomas Schoemaecker on August 17, 2017

While creating Lead Ads on Facebook is relatively simple, there are lots of things to consider to get the most out of your lead generation campaigns and grow your business.

Miikka Holkeri

Dynamic Ads Beyond Retargeting with Broad Audiences

By Miikka Holkeri on July 7, 2017

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads have offered unparalleled performance for e-commerce, travel, and other advertisers for well over two years already. So far, the product has only supported retargeting advertiser’s website visitors and app users, limiting your audience size to the number of people who’ve interacted with you in the past. That’s why, despite the great performance, the possible investments advertisers have been able to make have been fairly restricted — typically, the biggest share of their budgets goes to acquiring new customers.

To help advertisers reach these audiences with top-performing ads, Facebook is rolling out the possibility to expand the reach of Dynamic Ads campaigns outside retargeting audiences – it’s called Broad Audiences.

Christine Göös

Smartly.io at Cannes Lions 2017 – Our Social Media Contenders

By Christine Göös on June 15, 2017

The Smartly team is gearing up to attend the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity – our Smartly team (and one bot!) are jetting off to the French Riviera for a week of creative inspiration, meetings, and learning.

If you're joining the festival, seize the opportunity to chat in person about how automation can help you create, run, and optimize your customer acquisition on Facebook and Instagram. You can book your meeting at Cannes with our team here. 

Can't make it? Fret not, our friendly messenger bot, Mr. Chatly is scavenging the talks at Le Palais to bring you the highlights daily. Like our Facebook page to find out when Mr. Chatly goes live.

Markus Ojala

Manage Budgets Automatically to Maximize ROAS

By Markus Ojala on June 2, 2017

Get more out of your budget without manual work with Smartly’s Predictive Budget Allocation. You can now optimize towards revenue in addition to different conversion events. The revenue optimization uses revenue data from your Facebook pixel or SDK.


Richard Makara

Smartly Connect: The Industry Event Series for Paid Social Experts

By Richard Makara on May 30, 2017
“Smartly Connect events give us a lot of input into what we want to do in the future with Facebook advertising.” – Victoria Chmielewska, Online Marketing Manager in Facebook ad Display Advertising at StepStone Deutschland

The Smartly platform is shaped by the continuous feedback we receive from our most advanced customers. Smartly Connects were born out of the very same philosophy – we were looking for an engaging way to bring online advertisers together to share their knowledge with a wider audience. 

Krista Kauppinen

The Canvas Format for Automated Ads

By Krista Kauppinen on April 4, 2017

A full screen mobile ad in the News Feed? With video, carousels and call-to-action buttons? When Canvas Ads first launched last year there was a lot of excitement around the creative opportunities it offered. Canvas has driven great results, but it may require a lot of manual work to use at scale. Until now.

Krista Kauppinen

New Collection Ad Format Combines Product Discovery and Sales

By Krista Kauppinen on March 27, 2017

Collection - Facebook’s new mobile-only ad format - combines a prominent video or image with four related product images in the News Feed, which quickly and seamlessly opens into a full-screen shopping experience with up to 50 products. Creating a collection is easy — just upload video or imagery, and products are automatically pulled from a product catalog.  

Markus Ojala

How Facebook Bidding Works and How to Get Conversions

By Markus Ojala on January 30, 2017

Understanding how the Facebook ad auction works helps performance marketers to drive more conversions. Highlighting some of the best parts of Facebook's Advertiser Help Center, we put together this short guide to bidding best practices.