5 Creative Advertising Trends for 2019

Jose Sanchez Jan 03 2019 3 PM | 5 min read

Video Adoption Grows – So Do Production Costs

According to an eMarketer report, digital video ad spend continues its growth curve; this year, it is projected to take up to 50% of the total video ad budgets with an emphasis on social and mobile-friendly video formats.

With the continued investment in digital video advertising, marketers need to rethink their approach to video production – especially when it comes to high-volume verticals like e-commerce, retail, and travel where consumers are expecting to see personalized and localized content.

With constantly changing offers, promotions, and products, updating video ad content manually is not feasible; you probably don’t have the time, budget, or even patience to go through endless iteration rounds with your creative agency or internal team.

Creative automation can ease the pain - solutions like our Video Templates allow for video production and personalization at scale. Simply put, you design the needed templates and let the machines render the product or offer iterations based on your campaign needs. What’s even better, any template edits (new offer, different music, changes to animations etc) are updated in real time, meaning you don’t have to pay for a production shop for a new round of edits or wait for the videos to render so you can upload them onto your campaigns. Now that’s what we call #WorkingSmartly.

Go Small or Go Home: Micro- & Nano-Influencers

In 2019 we’ll be seeing the rise of using influencers with smaller followings. While these numbers are highly subjective, micro influencers have 10,000-500,000 followers while nano-influencers are even closer to regular digital citizens with one to five thousand followers.

Why are brands increasingly less willing to pay the hefty price tag associated with the big players in the influencer world? The reason brands are looking to work more with smaller influencers is to drive results while minimizing risks, leading to a higher ROI. With smaller, more niche following pools, marketers typically face a lower risk of fraud through bought bot followers or artificial engagement.

Especially with nano-influencers, brands should look to turn their existing fans or enthusiastic consumers into the faces of their brands as their audiences are more likely to trust their word on products they choose to praise or endorse. How to incorporate user-generated content into your paid social? Take cues from Tokopedia, who combined influencer videos with direct response using Video Templates.

Vertical Content Explosion

We’ve said it many times and we’ll say it again; as Facebook continues to invest in Stories-style content with its family of apps, marketers should follow and focus on vertical content, especially video. When it comes to performance, adding a Stories ad placement into your campaign mix can help drive incremental results as seen on this TUI Travel Group success story where Stories helped cut the cost-per-acquisition by 12% with over 200 unique ads.

There is still a first-mover advantage to getting started with Stories. Vertically presented videos are also more likely to be viewed to completion (90% versus only 14% for horizontal videos).

Adapting your creative assets to vertical can be challenging, which is why our Creative Studio has designed over 50 video templates that are ready to use as is and easily customized to any brand look-feel, helping all feed-based marketers prioritize Stories in 2019. Start by reading this fantastic guide to designing for Stories by our Creative Studio.

In-House Agencies Expand: Hiring and Retaining Creative Talent is Key

According to an ANA study, 90% of brands are looking to invest more in their in-house teams. If you’re looking to build or strengthen your internal creative team or agency, make sure that they are set out to succeed from the get-go. Below, we’ve listed some of the best ways to support your creative operations:

  • Technology and innovation: equip your teams with creative automation tools that help cut out the repetitive, manual (and dare we say, boring) tasks such as updating sale prices or product images/ videos once these change. Beyond iterations, did you know that you can take any data point and customize your creative content based on the parameters you set? For example: McDonald’s localized dessert ads based on city-specific weather data.

  • Specialized roles: it might feel lucrative to only hire creatives but there is a reason agencies employ specialized roles such as project managers and strategists; if you’re looking to elevate your creative, you need a team that complements each other versus everyone doing a little of everything. At their best, in-house teams can accomplish remarkable campaigns – just think of Spotify and their outstanding (and data-inspired) creative.

  • Co-owned KPIs: your creative team’s input has a direct impact on the bottom line as creative is one of the most crucial performance drivers. Make sure your operations are data-informed from start to finish; establish KPIs that your entire team owns together so that you can optimize towards designing for impact.

Words Matter: Branded Chat Interactions

1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month and according to, it is bigger than Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat combined. Additionally, the article states that people and businesses exchange a staggering 8 billion messages every day. The question is, does your brand have a messaging strategy to match the consumer expectation of always-on communication?

It’s not just about customer service - we're also expecting to see a lot more branded messaging experiences this year. Nike even debuted an augmented reality experience on Messenger where they used the platform for an exclusive shoe drop. 

Facebook offers a variety of advertising solutions on Messenger: you can run campaigns to send shoppers to chat with you or advertise between conversations. Whatever you choose to incorporate, make sure to read our guide to Messenger advertising here.

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