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Okko Hakola Mar 03 2016 8 AM | 3 min read

Editor’s note: The original blog post was published in June 2015. We’ve since opened an office in Singapore, which made it possible for us to launch 24/5 customer service.

One of’s most valuable unique selling points is our quick and responsive service. As our customer base grows, we’ve needed to find ways to maintain the best-in-class service quality and responsiveness that our clients need - and even improve that service.

In the early days, handled everything with Skype chats, but that was no longer an option after a while. Almost a year ago, after testing with some of our customers, we launched in-app chat through Intercom across our platform. This has been a very efficient way to build our team’s technical expertise in Facebook products and provide consultative guidance to our customers, in addition to offering real-time technical support.

Everyone Does Support

During the past year, has expanded to San Francisco, Berlin and, most recently, Singapore, transforming our service into a truly global one. Our team now serves 24 hours during workdays. At, we all do customer support and everyone from the top management to developers take shifts working in the frontline. This practice has made it possible for us to maintain our service quality and customer-oriented approach even with a rapidly growing user base.

We take it as a challenge to scale things up while improving both the product and the service. Most teams fail due to communication issues, so we put a lot of effort into thoroughly handing over the day’s happenings to the global teams through our internal tools. Each person on duty collects notes in a shared document which is then passed on during the handover, from for e.g. Helsinki to San Francisco, and also posted to our internal chats. Customer issues are discussed and reviewed over an hour-long video call during the overlapping work hours, so that no cases are left hanging.


But what about actually solving the issues our customers contact us with? We help customers improve their campaign structures and solve delivery issues. We also have a strong focus on helping users with possible technical issues in getting their campaigns rolling with our tool. A large chunk of the issues can be solved right away by inspecting a user’s campaigns and accounts through direct links and screenshots users share with us.

Some of the issues are more technical in nature and take more time, which is why our developers also have access to all of our customer conversations, enabling you to get the best support available. The in-app chat is directly integrated to our internal tools so we can document and communicate directly with the actual development teams responsible.

In addition to our in-app chat and technically skilled customer operations team, we greatly value the quality of our Support Center articles. If you want a comprehensive overview of something related to Facebook marketing or the app, it’s the place to go. We are working to make our Support Center even more approachable e.g. by integrating it into the tool, where it recommends related articles based on what specific part of the tool you have open. We also use the Support Center to update information about the latest app capabilities and communicate those to the customers.

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