Elli Leppisaari

Meet the Summer Squad of 2016

By Elli Leppisaari on August 1, 2016

We hired the first ever Smartly.io Summer Squad during the spring, and now they’re hard at work, building software, closing clients and empowering our recruiting. Meet Anton, Antti, Arash, Siiri and Roope - and hear what it’s like to be a Summer Squader at Smartly.io.


Elli Leppisaari

Why You Should Apply to Smartly.io’s Summer Squad 2016

By Elli Leppisaari on March 1, 2016

The first ever Summer Squad is on a search for its members! We’ve collected a few questions and answers on Summer Squad that you might have been pondering. Hope you find these useful and they provide an extra pinch of motivation to apply.