Ilona Pitkänen Summer Squad 2017 — why should you join?

By Ilona Pitkänen on October 7, 2016

Last summer saw the first ever Summer Squad, when Antti, Anton, Arash Roope and Siiri joined the team. Now, we're looking for brilliant young talents to squad up for 2017. We’ve collected a few questions and answers on Summer Squad that you might want to check out. Hope you find these useful and they provide an extra pinch of motivation to apply!

Ilona Pitkänen

How We Hire Great Business Talent

By Ilona Pitkänen on July 14, 2016

At, we strongly believe that recruiting is the third crucial startup skill, right after building a great product with an excellent market fit and scaling customer acquisition through outstanding sales and marketing. This is why we put a lot of time, brainpower and enthusiasm into attracting the brightest talent and building a five-star team.