Joonatan Lintala Launches Two Way Integration With DoubleClick Search

By Joonatan Lintala on April 3, 2018

“’s DoubleClick integration allows us to compare the performance of Facebook advertising to other channels. While we previously relied on Google Analytics data, the integration now allows us to get a more accurate comparison of the channels – without manually setting up the DoubleClick tracking tags for each campaign. Now we can also leverage DoubleClick data to optimize Facebook campaigns and build reports.“ 

Miikka Hoskonen, Performance Marketing Manager, iProspect

Joonatan Lintala

Facebook vs. Google Analytics - Deep Dive to Conversion Tracking and Attribution Models

By Joonatan Lintala on November 27, 2015

Digital advertising impact is created by an interaction between multiple channels. This means it can sometimes be difficult to track your online sales funnel and interpret analytics. Attribution modeling is about understanding which ads, referrals and searches played a role in getting a customer to convert. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Facebook attribution.