Jose Kantola

Advanced matching in Facebook Pixel - what and why?

By Jose Kantola on September 5, 2016

Facebook launched an advanced matching feature in their conversion pixel (known as the Facebook Pixel) that enables you to send your customer data through the pixel to match more website actions with Facebook users. Why should you, as an advertiser, get excited and implement it right away? I’ll explain this in more detail below, but in a nutshell, it improves your ability to track conversions and can increase advertising reach by 5-25%!

Jose Kantola in Asia - Opportunities to Grow with a Global Ad Tech Company

By Jose Kantola on August 25, 2016 is a global company powered by 90 employees in 5 offices, covering 4 continents: Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. To better serve our customers in Asia, we opened an office in Singapore early this year. Now, we’re in search of business talents to join our growing team of four in Singapore.

Asia-Pacific is a compelling market for any online advertising company. It’s the world’s leading retail ecommerce market and the number of Facebook Monthly Active Users in the area is increasing quickly. started serving customers in Asia in September last year. First, we handled the customer relations from our HQ in Helsinki, but by the end of the year, the number of our customers in Southeast Asia had grown too big to handle across 5 time zones. As is all about quality customer service, we decided to open an office in Singapore to be able to serve our customers better.

Jose Kantola

Online Advertising KPIs - What should you measure?

By Jose Kantola on July 28, 2016

Clicks, sessions, likes, engagement, conversions, sales, return on ad spend, lifetime value. Online advertisers today have an overflowing variety of metrics available to measure their campaign performance. Various attribution models add to that complexity, creating a never ending discussion of “how should we measure results?”. My goal in this post is to provide you some guidelines and reasons for moving towards revenue and LTV-based optimization, based on how we at see the most successful advertisers around the world answer the question.

Jose Kantola

Best Practices for Structuring DPA Campaigns

By Jose Kantola on March 29, 2016

Does it really matter how I structure my Facebook campaigns? Yes. And it matters a lot when you want to increase your marketing volumes without skyrocketing costs.

Jose Kantola

In-house Team vs Advertising Agency - Which to Choose?

By Jose Kantola on March 23, 2016

Every company with an online presence will face the question of whether to build an in-house online marketing team or to outsource to a specialised agency. The question first pops up when starting online marketing operations, but may become relevant later on, as marketing needs and goals change over time.

Jose Kantola

Facebook Advertising Checklist For The Holiday Season

By Jose Kantola on December 9, 2015

It’s the biggest sales season of the year. Here’s a quick list of Facebook and Instagram advertising tips from our Account Managers. Much of what we wrote on this topic last year about retargeting to your most valuable website visitors, understanding lifetime value and beating holiday ad fatigue still holds true, so they’re also worth a look.

Jose Kantola

Updated Guide to Advanced Bidding on Facebook

By Jose Kantola on October 1, 2015

Facebook just changed the way bidding is selected – so where did the oCPM go? The answer is that it didn’t go anywhere. The bidding interface has just been changed to be easier to use in future, and the algorithms used are still exactly the same. This blog post explains in three steps how the bid optimization should be done now.

Jose Kantola

4 Simple Tips to Increase Online Sales on Facebook

By Jose Kantola on July 29, 2015

Since real time auctions are in the core of most online advertising channels like Facebook, bidding is one of the cornerstones in managing advertising performance. Unlike many other channels, Facebook has built advanced bid optimization algorithms, which often provide excellent results without complex optimization work. However, even with all the ease of use, achieving best results requires understanding how the bidding system behaves and how you as an advertiser should control it.