Markus Ojala

How Facebook Bidding Works and How to Get Conversions

By Markus Ojala on January 30, 2017

Understanding how the Facebook ad auction works helps performance marketers to drive more conversions. Highlighting some of the best parts of Facebook's Advertiser Help Center, we put together this short guide to bidding best practices.

Markus Ojala

How to Optimize Bidding on Facebook?

By Markus Ojala on June 21, 2016

On Facebook, advertisers can bid and pay directly for the final conversion goal, for example, purchases. As such, conversion optimized bidding is one of the most useful and simple features in Facebook marketing. In this blog post, we share our learnings on how to select bid amounts and optimization goals to maximize the results of your Facebook marketing.

Markus Ojala

Experiences in Using R and Python in Production

By Markus Ojala on May 12, 2016

Python and R are some of the best open source tools for data science. They can be easily used for scripting and custom analysis but running them automatically as part of an online software requires more consideration. At, we’ve been using them both extensively. In this blog post, I’ll share some of our experiences of integrating them in production.

Markus Ojala

Optimizing Conversions with Predictive Budget Allocation

By Markus Ojala on April 8, 2016

Finding the best way to allocate a campaign’s budget between multiple ad sets can be difficult and time-consuming. Our Predictive Budget Allocation, which was initially released last summer, uses machine learning to automate this work for you. In this blog post we'll look at recent improvements that make it even better. Using Predictive Budget Allocation remains as easy as it's always been: you only have to choose the goal that Predictive Budget Allocation should optimize towards.


Markus Ojala

Bid Optimization: Pacing on Facebook Explained

By Markus Ojala on September 18, 2015

Would you like to do bid optimization to get higher return on investment in Facebook marketing? If you have a limited budget, there is actually no need to do any manual bid tuning as Facebook has solved that problem already. It is called pacing.

Markus Ojala

Insights to Predictive Budget Allocation

By Markus Ojala on June 10, 2015

Our new Predictive Budget Allocation minimizes the campaign CPA (cost per action) level. The feature continuously reallocates the campaign budget between the ad sets such that the expected number of future conversions is maximized and the CPA level is minimized.