Miikka Holkeri

Step up your Dynamic Ads for Travel Game with Cross-selling and Destinations

By Miikka Holkeri on November 3, 2016

Facebook launched Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) — its dynamic retargeting solution for the travel industry — in May 2016. Advertisers transitioning from their old Dynamic Ads for Products campaigns to the new travel-specific version have seen improvements in campaign performance following the move.

DAT initially only supported advertising hotels based on user interactions on the advertiser’s website, but it was a lesser-known fact that it could be also used to intelligently cross-sell hotels to people who have interacted with flights. Now, Facebook has released destination catalog, which adds the possibility to advertise destinations and flights with DAT. This post delves into these opportunities.

Miikka Holkeri

Mobile App Install Ads Go Dynamic

By Miikka Holkeri on June 23, 2016

A great creative is relevant and catches the eye. So why use static ads when you can show familiar items to grab attention and ensure accuracy with user-level recommendations of Dynamic Ads?

Facebook is expanding the capabilities of Dynamic Ads to support optimization towards mobile app installs. These campaigns are based on the same product catalogs as other Dynamic Ads, using Facebook’s great retargeting & recommendation engine with proven results.

Miikka Holkeri

Dynamic Ads for Travel – Facebook’s New Solution for Hyper Relevant Travel Offers

By Miikka Holkeri on May 10, 2016

For a year now, advertisers have been able to achieve unparalleled performance with Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Products, the retargeting solution built especially for eCommerce. To better serve the specific needs of the travel industry, Facebook is launching a new product – Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT). We are thrilled to be offering DAT for Facebook and Instagram through Smartly.io right from the launch.

Miikka Holkeri

From FBX to DPA - the Future of Dynamic Retargeting

By Miikka Holkeri on September 24, 2015

While many advertisers are still relying on demand-side platforms in their Facebook retargeting needs, the continuously renewing platform nowadays offers its own powerful, sophisticated technologies for that. Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads are the answer to the growing need for dynamic cross-device retargeting and combine behavioral data with the vast amount of Facebook user information.