Be Prepared for the Christmas Rush

Kalle Tiihonen Nov 20 2014 9 AM | 2 min read

Consumers around the world have already started shopping for Christmas presents to prevent the last-minute panic in December. In Sweden, 40 % of Internet users plan to buy at least one Christmas gift on the web this year according to eMarketer. Since the shopping rush has already started, the bid prices on Facebook® have begun to increase. Here are some hints to succeed and win the online auction during the Christmas season.

Concentrate on retargeting your most valuable website visitors, especially those who abandoned the shopping cart just before checkout. When planning your campaign structure for retargeting, stop targeting the same people twice. In addition, it’s recommended that you increase the budgets and bids, but before that, make sure you know the customer lifetime value (LTV) for each of your target segments.

LTV: The Most Important Abbreviation

You are not able to bid your true value if you don’t know how much profit a customer from each audience segment brings you. After refining the estimations, create different LTV audience segments. Bid higher for people who bring more value in the long run and bid less for people with a lower LTV.

Even though the traffic is more expensive during the Christmas season, the value of a click is normally higher, because the average amount of each order goes up. Don't aim for the cheapest clicks or impressions. You will reach people who are easier reached, but who don’t necessarily provide the LTV you expect.

How to Beat the Christmas Fatigue

Using Smartly data, we analyzed thousands of ads, normalized the CTRs, and found that the average CTR starts to decrease linearly after two days of pushing the ad creative live. Remember to rotate your ads every three days, especially during the busy season when the competition is higher. In addition, ad fatigue is highly dependent on the ad creative content and the target audience. We believe in data, so please remember to analyze your daily CTRs and impressions manually or automatically by utilizing Automatic Optimization.

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It's All About the Content

In addition to having fresh creative every three days, be relevant to your audience! Make timely engaging ad creatives and use content that really matters to people. When designing new ad creatives, try to put yourself in your customers' shoes and think about what they could need on Christmas. Retargeted creatives should be different from the ads you target to people who haven’t visited in your website. Generally speaking, use different messages in different parts of the sales funnel. And one more thing, when designing your creatives for the Christmas, don’t assume that everyone who sees your ads loves Christmas.

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