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Terho Laakkonen Jan 30 2018 7 PM | 2 min read


Reporting campaign results is often cumbersome and time-consuming, especially if you work in an agency and manage multiple clients. It often takes multiple manual steps to build a report  – much of it could and should be automated to free up time for more productive work.

Generate Stunningly Informative Dashboards

Data visualization is a great way to understand and communicate how your Facebook ad campaigns are performing. Yet creating custom reports and sharing them with all the relevant stakeholders can be time consuming. Your client, for example the CMO, may ask to customize everything from scratch or to create real-time analytics dashboards.

We benchmarked various options for visualizing reports in real-time, and found that Google’s Data Studio is the most comprehensive tool in the market at the moment. Not only that, it’s free and easy to use. See these dashboard examples for inspiration.

To make it even easier for our customers to get started with it, we built a connector between and Google Data Studio, including predesigned dashboard templates for various use cases. The connector streamlines the setup and creates beautiful, real-time dashboards automatically using's reporting API.


Customize the Dashboard Based on Your Needs:

  • Metrics – pull metrics from multiple Facebook ad accounts and 3rd party data sources like Google Analytics and Mobile Measurement Partners
  • Layout – edit the look and feel of the report to fit your brand, you can even include your logo
  • Access – easily share the dashboard to a wider team such as C-level stakeholders with read-only access rights. This way, you won't have to share access rights to send reports

The Google Data Studio is a very powerful and flexible tool. You can easily visualize your marketing funnel (product page, add to cart, and purchase) by selecting your funnel steps from drop down menus. You can customize attribution windows and visualize custom conversions. If you use multiple currencies in your Facebook ad accounts, Google Data Studio is able to convert all the metrics to the same currency so you can compare results across countries.

If you want to learn more, the best way to try it is at Their video tutorials are very useful. If you’re a customer of and need help with the setup, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Terho Laakkonen

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