Our Best Tips For Marketing During Ramadan

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The Holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner. Ramadan is a time for giving, thankfulness, reflection and family - and also one of the most important marketing periods for brands around the world, particularly in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Consumer behavior online and offline changes dramatically around a month before Ramadan begins. Practicing Muslims change their sleep and work schedules and spend more time with their families. They change their focus to self-improvement, worship, and community.

Spend also increases during this month; over half of consumers in the UAE, Saudi and Egypt expect to spend more money during Ramadan, mostly on food and household goods but also on travel, fashion, and Eid gifts³.

Now is the time to finalize your Ramadan advertising plans to ensure you maximize the impact of your advertising dollars. Brands should approach Facebook advertising with fresh eyes during Ramadan; tailor creative, placements, and scheduling to achieve cut-through and performance.

At, we’ve collated our top tips for Ramadan advertisers on Facebook and Instagram.

Three Phases to Ramadan Advertising

Facebook identifies that Phase one begins four weeks before Ramadan and this is when you should start building consideration and awareness. Focus on your Top Funnel (prospecting) during this time so you have healthy Lower Funnel (retargeting) audiences for phase two.

Phase two takes place during the first three weeks of Ramadan when consumer behavior will change and purchases increase.

Phase three is the final week of Ramadan and the Eid period, when gift-giving is at its peak.

Ramadan – Incredibly Mobile

According to Facebook, there are 4.8x more conversions on mobile during Ramadan compared to other times¹. Reallocate your budget accordingly to maximize your share of voice on mobile. Focus on creating mobile-first, thumb-stopping creative with a simple and clear Call to Action (particularly important when targeting sleep-deprived audiences).

Reference the Season in Your Creatives

Incorporate Ramadan symbols (like the crescent and lanterns). If you’re using to run Dynamic Ads, you should design Image Templates for both Ramadan and also Eid. Image Template Ramadan

Run Video Ads

Video consumption increases dramatically during Ramadan². It's the perfect time to be running video ads or brand/influencer video content.  Produce your video ads for sound-off viewing, ensure that the brand and key message is communicated in the first 2-3 seconds, and utilize vertical video if possible.

Be Present on Instagram

Increase your focus on Instagram. The visual platform is perfect for communicating Ramadan themes of togetherness and family.

Align with TV Consumption

There is an 85% increase in global mentions of ‘watching TV’ during Ramadan, particularly as many regions create special Ramadan programming. In the UAE + KSA over 64% of users say they use FB & Instagram while watching TV¹. Consider how your ads can align with or reference Ramadan TV programming or the act of watching TV with family. Develop creative that can grasp attention immediately when people are browsing on mobile while watching TV.

Increase Bids and Budgets

Facebook usage increases by up to 200% from 2am to 5am and there are over 400% more conversions at 4am during Ramadan compared to non-Ramadan months¹. Consider using Facebook automated rules (or triggers) to increase your bids or budgets by 10% between 3pm and 6am. This period will become more competitive so higher bids will be required to get delivery, but you will also achieve better ROI.

Run Relevant Creatives in an Automated Manner

If your messaging will be changing pre-and-post Iftar, or pre-and-post Suhoor, consider using automated rules (or triggers) to switch between creatives at set times based on Ad Name.

Make Purchasing Lucrative

Be prepared for fierce competition during this period. Offer incentives (such as discounts) to purchase, and re-engage cart-abandoners with an offer³.

Advertise Gift Ideas

Gift Giving increases during the final week of Ramadan. Facebook and Instagram are excellent platforms for inspiring your audience with gift ideas. consider changing the angle of your messaging to focus on gifting during this time³.

Create Reasons to Believe

Build authentic connections between your brand and Ramadan themes. Demonstrate how your brand embraces the principles of Ramadan by contributing to meaningful causes, showing how your brand embraces family and community, or by focusing on themes of reflection and self-improvement. Other hot topics include recipes, fashion, travel, health & fitness, Ramadan music, beauty, and cars². 

Pre-Book Reach and Frequency

Costs may rise during Ramadan as competition increases, however people will have a higher propensity to buy in many categories, so ROI should also rise. Pre-book Facebook Reach and Frequency campaigns for Ramadan as early as possible as you will pay the current price for advertising, not the higher one during Ramadan. You can also check out our guide to Flash Sales for more insights on driving performance on Facebook during peak times. 

Please reach out to us to learn how to maximize performance on Facebook and Instagram, during Ramadan and all year round!

Ramadan Kareem!


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