Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Are You Ready for the Advertising High Season?

Christine Göös Nov 17 2017 1 PM | 1 min read

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Facebook advertisers are gearing up to compete for those precious eyeballs, clicks, and revenue on social media. From campaign setup to creatives, targeting and bidding, many components play into the success of a seasonal, time-sensitive campaign. Our account managers have compiled a last-minute checklist to help you prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday; keep reading to uncover useful tips and links to our favorite resources.

The Quick Checklist for Seasonal Campaigns

  • Mobile-first formats: try Collection or Canvas ads
  • Engage and convert with video: try short videos, GIFs & Cinemagraphs
  • Vary your creatives: run multiple copy and visual variations
  • Campaign setup: connect product feeds, build audiences
  • Budget and bid: costs will shoot up, increase both boldly!

Resources and Links to Help You Prepare Want more? Click on the link below to download the comprehensive Holiday Guide for eCommerce Advertisers. We’ve compiled over twenty pages of inspiration, best practices, and practical examples into one handy ebook.

Get the Holiday Guide


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Christine Göös

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