Helping Tech Pros Find their New Home in Helsinki

Siiri Hakulinen Nov 21 2019 5 AM | 4 min read

Moving to a new country for a job can be stressful, especially if you’re bringing your family along. It’s not just about whether you’ll thrive in your new environment—you’ll want your spouse and children feel welcome, too. We empathize with every new Smartlie who relocates to join our team. We know it’s not easy, which is why we want to make the relocation experience as smooth as possible and help new Smartlies feel at home in their new hometown.

Luckily, that hometown being Helsinki, many good things are working for us. Helsinki offers a safe and clean environment, with world-class education and healthcare—for free, plus:

Or like Ilya Mikhalev, our Technical Recruiter and an expat himself, says it: “Living in Helsinki is like playing a video game on the easiest level.”

While there are so many benefits to living in Helsinki, we haven’t been very good at talking about them. Earlier this year, we partnered with the City of Helsinki, brand agency Bou, and a bunch of other tech companies in Helsinki, including Supercell, Relex, and Whim, to put all the great things Helsinki has to offer in one witty and easy-to-consume package. Helsinki became the world’s first City as a Service (CaaS).


Inviting tech professionals to experience Helsinki first hand

The CaaS initiative opened applications for tech professionals to visit Helsinki and see if they would like to make it their new home. We received over 6500 applications from all across the world and in the end, selected 15 beta users who we flew over this week to experience the coldest capital on Earth first hand. The demo trip includes getting to know their potential new neighborhoods, as well as local attractions like sweating in a sauna, dipping into the freezing Baltic Sea, and tasting the flavors of Nordic cuisine. It culminates in visiting Slush, the world’s leading tech event with 25000 other attendees.

flavorstudio1 treated the beta users to a flavor journey through Finland on the second day of their visit. Beta users and Smartlies met at the Flavour Studio in the Helsinki meatpacking district and spent four hours preparing and enjoying a three-course dinner together, instructed by an expert cook and a cocktail guru. The delicious food and drinks were inspired by the Finnish nature.

During their visit, beta users also get to know the partner companies and the career opportunities they offer, with no strings attached. We know that relocation decisions aren’t based on workplaces alone, which is why we wanted to give our visitors a more holistic Helsinki experience and let them see for themselves if Helsinki lives up to what they need and want in a new home city. Many of the beta users brought their spouses and children with them to see how they feel about Helsinki. 

Making relocation as smooth as possible

It remains to be seen if the beta users of City as a Service end up joining one of the partner companies and moving to Helsinki. If they do, they will enjoy multiple perks that come with living in the happiest country in the world. Long holidays and parental leaves, flexible daycare options, the healthiest work-life balance, the best free education, the cleanest air, and a top-tier free health care system, to mention a few.

Helsinki offers the first-class quality of life, and we at are committed to make relocating here as easy as possible for new Smartlies and their families. We help them with all the paperwork that comes with social security, residence, work permits, taxes, and banking, as well as finding the first temporary apartment, getting familiar with the city, and coordinating daycare and schools for the children. We also offer a multicultural workplace where everyone speaks English by default, a great work-life balance, and a family-friendly culture.

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