Creativist 2019 in San Francisco

Stephanie Semaan Nov 06 2019 4 PM | 2 min read

Earlier this fall, we hosted the second ever Creativist event in San Francisco together with Facebook, Vidmob, Shutterstock, Pixability, and Shuttlerock. 

Creativist brings women together to discuss creativity and diversity and how those can be the driving forces for the changes we want to see in business as well as in society. 

I was humbled to be surrounded by so many strong women who are breaking boundaries, making changes happen, and inspiring the next generation. 

The event was a great reminder that if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more. When was the last time you took a risk?

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The Creativists 2019

The Creativists this year were four inspiring CEOs who shared their experiences and journeys to the c-suite: Villy Wang (Baycat), Caroline Duell (All Good), Amanda de Cadenet (Girl Gaze), and Shane Murphy Goldsmith (Liberty Hill). The leaders wanted to see changes in societies and in workplaces, and although the c-suite wasn't always the end goal, it was necessary in making these changes happen.  

Villy Wang is the Founder and CEO of BAYCAT and a TED Speaker. BAYCAT believes that every person's story matters. They fight racism and sexism through storytelling and they educate and help low-income youth and minorities find jobs in the creative fields in the Bay Area. 

Caroline Duell is the CEO and Founder of All Good, an organic, sustainable skincare brand and partner of 1% for the Planet. Caroline had the vision to create a product that would use nature's power to heal, and so she created the healing balm in 1997 and after the positive response, she expanded to other products. All Good is based in Morro Bay, California. Their HQ includes an organic farm where they grow food and calendula for All Good products. 

Amanda de Cadenet is the Founder and CEO of Girl Gaze - a technology company and creative agency that connects brands with a global community of female creatives. Girl Gaze is bringing the female perspective to the content we consume. Amanda is also a photographer, the host of The Conversation, and the author of two best-selling books, It’s Messy and Girl Gaze: How Girls See the World

Shane Murphy Goldsmith is the President and CEO of Liberty Hill Foundation, The Los Angeles based foundation has changed national policies, launched massive social movements and helped fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community, homeless people, underserved youth and our planet. 

At, we love bringing people together to share experiences and learn from each other. We also believe in the power creativity when solving any challenge and we are looking forward to future events and to all the changes we can achieve together. 



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Stephanie Semaan

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