Beyond Travel Retargeting: Dynamic Ads for Travel with Broad Audiences

Petteri Jalonen Sep 12 2017 12 PM | 4 min read


Travel advertisers can now reach new prospecting audiences based on the travel intent people have shown - without any additional setup to their hotel catalogues.

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) have offered travel advertisers a great retargeting tool for reaching the right customers with the right content based on their interactions on the advertiser’s app or website. Broad Audiences, initially only available to a limited number of Dynamic Ads for Products advertisers, allowed advertisers to reach new potential customers. Facebook has now rolled out this possibility to Dynamic Ads for Travel advertisers as well.

In this post, I explore how you can leverage Dynamic Ads for Travel with Broad Audiences for reaching new customers, and introduce some best practices for maximizing results.

How Does It Work?

What makes Dynamic Ads for Travel with Broad Audiences such a great tool is that it’s based on travel intent and that it works with any existing Hotel Catalog without any changes needed. Facebook automatically matches the travel intent expressed by people with the correct inventory from your catalog. This works even if the person hasn’t visited your site or app at all, or visited your site such a long time ago that the destination information they looked at is no longer relevant. This way, you can ensure that once a person has a destination (or several destinations) in mind, you will be there to show the right content to them at the right time.

To give a more concrete example, let’s say Jane is planning a holiday to Rome. She hasn’t visited your website or used your app, but has been engaging with content related to Rome on Facebook, has done some searches on different websites, and read related blog posts. Facebook will be able to identify these behaviors and show Jane your catalog inventory from Rome.


How To Take It To the Next Level

  1. Enrich Your Creative with Image Templates and Static Cards

To make ad creative more compelling, you can enrich your images with additional relevant information using Smartly’s award-winning Dynamic Image Templates. Great examples of information you can add to your images include price, discounts, availability, brand logos and graphic overlays for added skim value.

One of our travel advertisers recently ran an extensive, month-long test with creatives that included price information vs. creatives that didn’t, and the creatives that featured prices saw up to 50% lower cost per purchase. What’s even better is that you can use multiple Image Templates within one ad set, so testing what kind of templates work best is very easy.

Another great way to add brand messaging, make creative more eye-catching, or highlight special offers for example, is to use Static Cards in your creative. These can be either static images or videos. TUI uses them to great effect by showing promotional videos for their destinations before showing the carousel cards for individual hotels.

TUI Dynamic Ads carousel with video static card from on Vimeo.

  1. Combine Broad Audiences with Retargeting for Maximum Effect

To get the most out of Broad Audiences, it is strongly recommended to combine it with the retargeting part of Dynamic Ads for Travel. This way, you can use Broad Audiences to reach new people with destination intent and introduce them to your offering, and then retarget the ones who demonstrate interest by coming to your site. By running campaigns for both Broad Audiences and retargeting, you can determine the best bid goals & levels for people coming in to your site or app for the first time, and then bid more heavily on the ones that show additional intent based on their actions on your website. This approach also lets you easily test different messaging or even creative templates for the two user groups.

Best Practices for DAT Broad Audiences

-       Use broad targeting and conversion-optimized bidding to leave more room for Facebook’s algorithms to find the most valuable audiences for you

-       If you want to use destination-specific videos or other assets, split hotels into hotel sets to show customers the relevant Static Cards

-       Don’t use hotel sets with only a few hotels. Facebook’s algorithms work the best when they have several items to choose from to find the best performers.

-       Use both retargeting and Broad Audiences to get the most out of the solution

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