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Katie Takacs Sep 30 2021 4 PM | 5 min read

We’re true believers in the power of creative, and all the things creative can do to help elevate social advertising and our industry to new heights. As new research continues to prove the importance of creative, even over-targeting, brands need to be able to have tools and solutions at their fingertips that can help them in streamlining their creative optimization and business outcomes.

The momentum towards a creative-first social ad narrative is here to stay, and we’re all in, all the way, innovating and pushing our teams to produce the absolute best solutions possible for the tomorrow of social advertising.

These past few months our Smartlies have been busy advancing our creative optimization capabilities for a privacy-first landscape by perfecting our Creative Editor and whipping up a brand-new Ad Ranking capability. What do these new improvements include? And why are they important? Let’s dig in:

Ad Ranking it up

Already unifying creative, media, and data to break down silos across creative and performance teams, Ad Ranking now allows advertisers to quickly identify both top and bottom-performing ads with a visual analysis that can better inform future creative direction and optimize performance.

Why is this important? As audiences become more opaque and more difficult to target, brands need to rely more on relevant and personalized creative delivered in the right place at the right time – instead of focusing solely on the best-performing target audience. Our new Ad Ranking feature enables advertisers to test creative variations and quickly identify what's working (and what's not). Advertisers can then pivot quickly and put those insights into action with's all-in-one reporting view. 

Data privacy is also continuing to play an increasingly important role in digital advertising, and creative is quickly emerging as the answer to an evolving industry where personalization and privacy must intersect. Advertisers need to bridge the gap between creative, media, and data to test what's resonating across all buyer journey touchpoints. This is critical for optimizing both in-flight and future ad campaigns in a seamless, agile, and automated way – freeing up marketing teams for more creativity and ideation to build trusted connections with consumers.

In addition to the Ad Ranking solution,'s full insights offering allows advertisers to:

  • Leverage visual insights to inform data-driven creative planning with Ad Ranking charts. Ad Ranking Views allow users to visualize top-performing ads quickly. They can choose a ranking metric and any additional filters (bid goal, creative type, etc.) to surface which ads contribute to business goals as a means of helping creative teams inform their planning. 
  • Build and measure cross-platform reporting views. Build custom metrics and measure against specific metrics or attribution windows across social platforms. Users can leverage a central location to quickly manage and update these customer expressions, preventing errors when deployed across multiple users and/or reports. Users can also quickly and easily reuse custom metrics to reduce time and friction when building new reports. 
  • Integrate first- and third-party data sources to optimize against important metrics. Advertisers can pull data from a range of sources – social platforms to Google Analytics to Search Ads 360 to Adobe Analytics and more – providing in-the-moment analytics to inform strategies around budgets, bids, and ads. Advertisers can also use our Server to Server integration and send their own LTV data, for example.
  • Measure incremental revenue with statistical significance built-in. Ad Studies allow users to test the performance of almost any property of Facebook marketing scientifically by running Split, Lift, and Multi-Cell Lift Tests. 

The Creative Editor re-vamp

Already uniting design and performance teams into a single platform, Creative Editor now offers advertisers even more speed and power to iterate and scale creative productions in an agile way.

Why is this important? As brands continue to churn out ads at strategic moments, aiming to stand out among billions of pieces of content – creative teams can’t afford to waste cycles or have communication breakdowns in the process. As part of the new Creative Editor experience, teams can more seamlessly work together on the review and approval process to shorten cycles and accelerate time to market. Enhancements to conditional rendering, the ability to upload customized brand elements, and import from Photoshop, will improve communication with closer alignments, leading to faster results overall.

We know creative is a differentiator in digital advertising – and time is of the essence when it comes to creative development. At, we want to give brands a competitive advantage, fostering an environment where workflows and communications work in harmony to drive results and reserve time for more strategic work. The enhancements to our Creative Editor speak to the importance of streamlined workflows, connectivity among collaborators, and using automation to pave the path for future innovation.

New features of Creative Editor include:

  • Enhanced Preview Page: Bulk rename, save and download creatives to save time during the creative production process. Teams can share creatives in public links to keep all key stakeholders in the loop. Additional features allow teams to quickly add platform-specific overlays on creative designs to easily identify what a Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram story overlay will look like once live.
  • In-App Collaboration Tools: Quickly review, suggest, and approve creative assets in one view with easy commenting on both the Preview Page or assets. Mention (@) key stakeholders to ensure designers and other relevant teams can communicate in real-time at different stages of the creative production process.

Enhanced capabilities that simplify creative production and testing include:

  • Modular Image and Video: Generate multiple creative versions in the same template design by combining modular variations of layers.
  • Image and Video Export: Build creatives once and easily export and leverage them across platforms.
  • Image and Video Template Resizing: Design elements automatically adapt to new dimensions when resizing a template making it easy to repurpose across platforms.

Eager to dive headfirst into a creative optimization overhaul? Contact your Customer Success Manager or contact us to learn more!

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Katie Takacs
Katie is a global senior product marketing manager at with extensive digital, content, and product marketing experience. Leading go-to-market for channel expansion, she supports's own marketing efforts to champion paid social automation through leading technology.

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