Facebook Strengthens Offering for Travel Advertisers – Features Available via The Platform

Stephanie Semaan Nov 01 2017 3 PM | 3 min read


As the busiest travel (and travel sales) season is fast approaching, Facebook announced additions to its travel ad features: Broad Audience targeting, Collection Ads for hotel destinations, and visual Overlays for Dynamic Ads. The platform is built to support Facebook’s latest travel innovations as well as complement them.

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Broad Audiences is a prospecting feature that allows brands to target users who are likely to book a travel – even if they haven’t visited the brand’s app or website. The feature shows relevant, up-to-date hotel ads to users who have expressed travel intent to a certain destination. launched the alpha version of Broad Audiences with selected brands last March, and it has been available for all advertisers since September. Read more about the solution here.

For now, the mobile-first Collection ad format is only available for hotel catalogs on Facebook and Facebook is planning to extend the format availability to other types of campaigns soon.

Contextually relevant ads are the backbone of successful travel campaigns – Dynamic Image Templates is our answer to Facebook’s recently launched Overlays. While the latter offers simple visual templates for dynamic campaigns,’s award winning Image Templates grants advertisers the creative freedom to design, edit, and personalize their ads at scale for all dynamic prospecting and retargeting campaigns.

Amp Up Your Seasonal Travel Campaigns on Facebook

Advertisers including the predictive airfare app Hopper, the meta search travel site and travel app SkyScanner, the travel and tourism agency TUI, and the online travel agency Travix all partner with to run their complex, dynamically updating Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Read more about our offering below or download this handy ebook on seasonal travel advertising.

The Platform Lets You:

  • Drive awareness and sales throughout the entire sales funnel by showing relevant, up-to-date hotel, flight, and travel offers
  • Tap into feeds to automate both prospecting and retargeting campaigns
  • Scale creative production with personalized templates
  • Create ads that mimic travel catalogs by harnessing the latest Facebook ad formats that combine lifestyle elements such as location images with sales content like flight offers
  • Cross-sell hotels to people who have booked or viewed flights 
  • Promote auxiliary services like seat upgrades for people who have bought flights
  • Localize your creatives and target zip codes, cities, states, and countries that your products or services are available in.
  • Advertise based on travel intent using Broad Audiences

From SaaS to Fully Managed – Get Extra Help for the Peak Season

“If you’re an advertiser running complex or high-volume campaigns that require technical consultation, teaming up with a Facebook Marketing Partner such as is a great bet. You get instant access to experimented engineers and account managers who are on top of the ever changing Facebook Marketing API. 

–Simon Lejeune, Growth Manager, Hopper

Have an in-house team but not the platform?

Choose our popular SaaS model. In addition to a powerful, intuitive marketing platform, we’ve got your back with a dedicated account manager and 24/5 support chat that answers in minutes, not days.

Planning to hire but need help now?

Try Managed Onboarding. We set everything up for you and take over your ad operations for a determined time frame (for example, the holiday season). Once you hire the right people, we’ll train them and hand the reigns back over to you.

Want someone to take care of it all?

Managed Services is the way to go. Our account managers will handle everything from setup to launch and optimization. You’re always up to date with weekly reports and recommendations. Short on content? For an additional fee, you’ll have access to world-class creative services for automated campaigns.

Read more about our services here or get in touch to try out the platform.


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