Festive Season Insights for South East Asia

Matti Junila Oct 14 2016 10 AM | 3 min read

The biggest sales season of the year has already kicked off - the festive season! In South East Asia the season starts quite early and consists of many big sales days, like Singles Day on November 11th, Double Twelve on December 12th and of course Christmas, December 25th. Here are our tips to make it a successful one.

Looking at Facebook’s figures from Q4 of 2015, we see a 47 to 86% increase in conversions throughout South East Asia compared to the Q3 average. If you come prepared and have a few aces up your sleeves you have the chance to really capitalise on the festive season shopping rush.

How to win this holiday season

  • Go mobile. Facebook users already spend most of their time online on their mobile devices. This is especially true in South East Asia where, in most countries, more than 90% of Facebook posts are shared on mobile during the festive season. While conversion rates may be lower on mobile; mobile news feed, Instagram and Audience Network placements are great drivers of purchase intent that lead to people converting later on their desktop devices.
  • Get a head start. Implementation and testing should start as soon as possible. In Thailand and Indonesia shopping starts already in November and in the Philippines and Singapore as early as September.
  • Make use of best practises. Usually the festive seasons attracts more advertisers to promote their ads on Facebook. This often leads to auction prices going up, so to get delivery you will have to increase your maximum bid amounts. Utilising Facebook best practises can help maintain the costs. This means having Facebook pixels implemented, tracking all your app events (if you are doing mobile apps) and following the best practices in your campaign structure.
  • Engage the full funnel. With the higher auction prices, capitalising on every lead becomes more important. Look at the full funnel and engage with customers throughout it. That means doing brand engagement campaigns, targeting website visitors and using DPA campaigns for product re-targeting. We also recommend using Instagram and Audience Network placements to manage costs and increase engagement.
  • Don’t forget the New Year. Even though Christmas marks the end of advertising for many advertisers, shopping behaviour remains active throughout January in many countries. Two countries where you can see this continuation of the festive season shopping spree most clearly are Vietnam (2.4x more conversions than the H2 average in 2015) and Indonesia (1.7x more conversions).
  • Bonus: try video ads. In many of these mobile-first countries videos helps capture users’ favourite moments. We see this behaviour increase during the holiday season. The biggest increase was in Vietnam and Indonesia, where there were more than 3x more mobile videos shared compared to the yearly average. We see the same trend in the rest of South East Asia as well, in countries like Thailand and Malaysia mobile sharing is up more than 90% during the holiday season. So if you have the resources to create stunning video content, the holiday season is definitely a great time promote it.

If you’re having problems with ad delivery during this busy season, it’s worth checking out our ebook 3 Step Guide to Preventing Ad Delivery Issues on Facebook.


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Matti Junila

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