Five Insights from Our Webinar with Hopper and Facebook

Stephanie Semaan Jul 18 2018 4 PM | 3 min read

Ever since its launch in 2016, Instagram Stories have taken the world by storm. Today, Instagram Stories content entertains, informs, and engages approximately 400M users on a daily basis. The rapid growth of Stories has also brought new opportunities for advertisers to reach their consumers with relevant content. Earlier this week, we took a deep dive into Instagram Stories Ads and influencer marketing together with Simon de Lejeune, Head of User Acquisition at Hopper and Holly Stallan, Industry Manager, Travel, and Tourism at Facebook. No stress if you missed the webinar, we have compiled the five key takeaways for you. Oh, and for those of you who are yet to embark the Instagram Stories journey, read our guide before getting started!

Five key takeaways from our webinar with Hopper and Facebook:

  1. If users are quick to adopt a new product - act fast

Users’ consumption habits are a great indicator of a product’s potential success and longevity. When consumers approve a new product and add it to their daily media consumption habits, advertisers should not be afraid to add it in their marketing strategy. Instead, they should start creating content and ads for the new product and further grow their consumer base. And, as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm - new products have usually relatively big ad inventories in the beginning and advertisers who are quick to jump onboard can lock in a lower price.

  1. Make your Instagram Stories Ads look like native content

Users become more tech-savvy day by day, which means that they can see if an ad is made specifically to its platform. An ad that doesn’t quite look native to its platform can be considered unprofessional or, even worse, mistaken for a scam. Hence, make sure that your ad looks native to its platform when advertising on Instagram Stories - use CTAs such as ‘Swipe Up’, add text to accompany the video, and use sound for a more immersive user experience. And, remember that you have approximately 0.5 seconds to catch your consumer’s attention, so don’t save the best for last.

  1. Remember to include clear CTAs on your Instagram Stories Ads

Building on the previous takeaway, clear CTAs are vital for Instagram Stories Ads. You need to give your consumers clear directions of what you want them to do: it could be to swipe up or shop directly - it’s all in the CTAs.

  1. Keep testing to find the best creative (copy/image) for your audience

Test, test, test, and test some more. No crystal ball can give a 100% sure prediction of what creative will find its way to your consumers’ hearts and what creative gets the swipe left after the first second. Luckily, testing makes it easier to see what resonates with your consumers and what doesn’t. Iterate accordingly to your test results to create the most relevant and interesting content to your consumers.

  1. Instagram Stories are a great way to combine influencer marketing and DR campaigns

Instagram Stories are like TV for millennials, which also opens a plethora of opportunities for advertisers. Whereas product placement on TV and in movies has been a great way of raising brand awareness, influencer marketing on Instagram Stories opens up completely new possibilities for branding and DR campaigns. If using influencers in your Instagram advertising, allow them to create stories with your products (and clear CTAs, of course) on their profile. A campaign could include a number of Stories, which allows you to tell the story and have the product in focus.

Want more? Watch the webinar here or on the video at the beginning of this post!

If you are interested in learning more about Instagram Stories ads, contact your Account Manager or send a demo request!

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