Future Proof Your Creative Workflows

Jose Sanchez Feb 25 2020 9 PM | 3 min read

Today, social advertising requires managing multiple platforms, keeping up with new ad formats and placements (for each platform), personalizing the ad experience, and measuring what drives performance. The processes become easily overwhelming for teams as they require a lot of manual work and the involvement of different skill sets.

Creative Automation as an Opportunity


A key benefit of incorporating creative automation is to avoid repetitive tasks while unlocking new opportunities. Automation can help teams implement effective full-funnel, multi-platform creative production while saving time and money. And, most importantly, it offers a solution for the frustration that manual work usually creates. 

Creative automation brings operational efficiency to the creative and performance teams' workflow, improving manual processes such as iterations to the creative assets, exporting, personalizing the creative, or uploading the files. That's just a few of the many issues we are solving at with our creative tools. Our customers are seeing an increase in the productivity and efficiency in their creative productions because our tools never work against the quality and craft of their creative work. Instead, they enable our customers to achieve more.


When our customers incorporate our creative tools into their workflows, they can improve their efficiency and distribute their time between ideation, execution, delivery, and increase of creativity. With automation, creative teams can focus on the work they love (human insights) while letting the machines take care of the manual work (operational efficiency).

From Final to the Always Iterative Assets

We frequently tell our customers to think of their raw assets as interchangeable modules or building blocks that they can use for testing different hypotheses.'s tools allow creative teams to test all kinds of iterations: various types of footage, audio, copy, or overlays, to name a few. When producing video ads, teams can quickly iterate different variations and even build new narratives with these modules - without blowing up the production costs. 

Teams can also review the performance data using our reporting tool so they can make better creative decisions by looking at what drives performance. Adapting this workflow, teams can replace the infamous never-ending "final asset" with a new "always iterative asset" process. 


Future-Proven Career Paths

Any successful campaign is researched, crafted, executed, led, measured, evaluated and tweaked by people. These people have the power to future-proof their career by incorporating automation in their processes. By letting the machines take care of the manual tasks, they are able to bring a higher impact to their job with the human insights and craft they are gifted with.

We have seen that the best way to incorporate creative automation in their workflow is by understanding how it impacts the different phases of any creative production and what are the opportunities to innovate the art direction for their next campaign: How would you plan your next campaign if you know you’ll produce assets with a modular thinking approach? How do you incorporate the learnings from previous performing creative variations in the ideation of new ones? Automation can only make you a better creative. Ready to reimagine your workflow?


If you want some help along the way with your social advertising in 2020, contact your Customer Success Manager. If you’re not yet using, contact us to learn how we can help you unlock greater creativity and performance.


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Jose Sanchez

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