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Okko Hakola Jun 25 2015 7 AM | 2 min read

One of Smartly’s most valuable unique selling points is our quick and responsive support. As the company's customer base grows, we need to find ways to be able to maintain the high quality and fast response rates that our clients need - even improve them. Skype chats are no longer an option at our scale.

Roughly a month ago we launched our in-app chat for all of our users after testing it with some of the clients. Here are the statistics from last 28 days: "In the last 28 days our users started 676 new conversations, of which your team replied to 671 (99.3%) with a median first response time of 5 minutes.”

Our Account Management team serves 12 hours each day and we have managed to maintain and improve our service quality and response rates over time. How many SaaS companies are able to do this while scaling up rapidly? We at take it as a challenge.

But what about actually solving the issues our customers contact us with? At support we help customers to improve their campaign structures and solve delivery issues. We also have a strong focus on helping users with possible technical issues in getting the campaigns rolling with our tool. A large chunk of the issues can be solved right away by inspecting user’s campaigns and accounts through direct links and screenshots users share with us. However, some of the issues are more technical in nature which is why also our developers have access to all of our client conversations enabling you to get the best support available.

In addition to our in app chat and Account Managers we greatly value our support center articles and their quality. There we provide thorough learning experiences for our users about Facebook marketing and Additionally, we update information about the latest features in our app.

Here are some of the latest interesting features at among many others:

  • Predictive Budget Allocation for performance optimization
  • Google Analytics sessions can be used as a condition in the optimization triggers
  • Lookalike audiences can also be created based on video remarketing audiences
  • Prospecting feed campaigns are available for mobile app adds.

If you are interested in trying, feel free to send us a demo request

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Okko Hakola

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