How to Avoid Common Pitfalls when Scaling Facebook Advertising

Thomas Roberts Aug 10 2018 1 PM | 2 min read

Scaling one’s Facebook advertising efforts can be challenging for both novices and more experienced marketers. We at want to be there for our customers at every step of the journey. As a Technical Account Manager, I help our customers with everything from integrating with to scaling with our optimization and automation tools. This includes hands-on trainings and sharing best practices.  

We also organize Connect events for advertisers to get together for a day of workshops, knowledge shares, and networking. During the last Connect tour, I traveled to different cities to talk about the most common pitfalls that advertisers face when scaling their Facebook advertising, and most importantly, how to avoid them. Read below the recap and watch the video for more tips and success stories.



Plan the work

An aligned and organized team helps you to scale. It is crucial that every team member has a clear focus (everyone should know the priority for the day, the week, the month etc.) and a goal that helps them to stay focused. At, we have implemented the following practices to ensure that our workflow stays effective and efficient: we make small changes over time to cause a large impact, we visualize our workflow to keep things organized, we limit our work in progress, we make processes explicit, and we make sure that each team member has a task and a responsibility.


Start testing

Remember to keep your testing simple and a good rule of thumb is to choose the 2-3 most important things to test. Too many tests can confuse the team and have a negative impact on the performance.


Befriend your data

Multiple data sources can make it difficult to understand the data on a very granular level. It is,  however, vital that the team as a whole understands the numbers as they come in and is able to read the results.


Automate and optimize

Manual iterations and changes are time-consuming, and thus can stand in the way of scaling one’s Facebook advertising. Different automation and optimization tools, such as the Predictive Budget Allocation and Automatic Creative Optimization, eliminate the manual work and leave more time for strategic high-level work.  

We understand that scaling can be daunting at first, however, it doesn’t need to be! If you are ready to scale your Facebook and Instagram advertising and could use a little help, contact your Account Manager or send us a demo request!

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Thomas Roberts

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