How to Make Offline Data Work for you in Facebook? Launches Offline Data Connector

Tegan Kerr May 30 2018 5 PM | 3 min read

Life doesn’t happen just online. It’s pretty easy however, for a digital marketer to forget about the effect their advertising campaigns have on real-world actions, if the reporting data they are able to access only shows actions that their customers take on a website or app.

Thankfully, with Facebook’s offline conversion measurement solution, you can see what real-world actions (like in-store retail purchases, phone orders or enquiries) occurred as a direct result of your advertising online.

Inputting this offline conversion data into Facebook also opens up a range of possibilities beyond reporting alone - including the potential to use this data in Facebook’s new Store Sales Optimization, and to re-engage your real-world customers online via a custom audience.

Putting your in-store data to work

Many retailers collect customer data through loyalty programs, digital receipts, or at the point-of-sale. This data can then be matched to Facebook users in order to report upon the purchases or revenue influenced by Facebook Ads. Previously however, advertisers were only able to utilize their offline conversion data in Facebook by performing daily manual uploads of offline conversion data directly into Business Manager. Alternatively they would have to custom-build a connection with the Facebook Offline Conversions API in-house. That tedious manual work is all in the past now. Phew! has now released our Offline Data Connector to make it easier for retail brands, or any advertiser that has a real-world customer touchpoint, to access the potential of offline data. You can now automatically send offline conversion data in a secure feed directly to the Facebook Conversions API through It’s then instantly mapped and available for use in reporting and to inform Store Sales Optimization (oCPM for Offline Conversions).

How To Use the Offline Data Connector


Most point-of-sale systems use a file of all the daily conversions somewhere in their pipeline. can download that file in its original format through an encrypted connection. After that, the conversion data is extracted, hashed, and uploaded securely to Facebook for attribution to ads.

What does the Offline Data Connector allow you to do?

  • Accurately measure and understand which campaigns and ads are driving in-store purchases
  • Use Offline data in’s AI Budget Allocation tools
  • Save countless hours by automating the flow of this data
  • Protect customer privacy by reducing manual handling of sensitive data
  • Automate Custom Audience creation to advertise directly to people who engage with your company face-to-face or on the phone
  • Prove the true omnichannel ROI of your Facebook advertising spend customers can even utilize offline conversion data in’s AI Optimization tools - which can maximise advertising budgets towards campaigns most likely to drive offline sales, while driving increased ROAS.

This feature is now in use with several customers including electronics retailer Fravèga, who capture customer details at point-of-sale, then pass this data in a securely hashed feed via to Facebook.


“Stores are where most of our business take place and one of our most strategic assets. Offline conversions are crucial for proving the effect of Facebook advertising on in-store sales. Thanks to's integration, the purchase data from our point-of-sales system is now attributed to Facebook ads automatically. This allows us to more effectively measure and optimize our campaigns” - Alejandro Fogarolli, Performance Team Leader at Fravega

Advertisers interested in utilizing offline conversions data to understand real-world ROI - please reach out to your representative or contact us here to discuss’s solutions to acquire customer both online and offline.

You can read more about the Facebook Offline Conversions data here.

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