How to Navigate Post-COVID19 Landscape Creatively

Jose Sanchez Jun 17 2020 8 AM | 4 min read

All creative work starts by gathering audience insights: Who is your target audience? What do you know about them? How do they consume the media where your campaign is going to run?

Additionally, we usually take a look at what the industry is doing: What are your competitors doing? What do other successful campaigns tell you about the consumers? The information you gain by tapping into these insights gives your creative teams the tools to make informed decisions on their creative approach with future campaigns.

Navigating the New Normal

The coronavirus pandemic has radically changed our daily life: How we work, how we do our shopping, travel, or spend our free time. We're now seeing how some of the new behaviors born during the outbreak will persist in the long-term. 

People's behavior has informed brands how to respond to disruptive changes by adjusting their offering, diversifying their business model, and/or developing new solutions to tackle consumer challenges.

Tracking Consumer Behavior

During the past 14 weeks, we've been gathering and analyzing consumer insights and how they are adapting to the new normal. You can read more about our findings in our How Brands Should Navigate Social Advertising After COVID-19 Global Report. 

Throughout all this data, we've identified a few key takeaways on consumer behavior that we believe should be relevant for any brand looking at adjusting to the new reality:

  • The pandemic is no longer the new story - people have adapted to it, and it has become their new reality. Some data suggests that there is a new sense of optimism as people are adapting to the new normal.
  • While people were more optimistic at the beginning of the outbreak, we have seen in a few reports that people are expecting it to last until the end of 2020).
  • Being health-minded has become a trend with interesting outcomes.
  • In a survey by GlobalWebIndex with internet users from 17 countries, people answered that they are more likely to travel domestically (aka staycations) during their holidays.
  • While safety and sustainability are high priorities, different reports gave different motivations for people to make sustainable choices.
  • Across the board, we continue to see high social media and TV consumption.

Turning Consumer Behavior Insights Into Effective Ads

Using the results from +500 ads analyzed by System1 together with our +$2B in ad spend worth of insights, we have put together a list of considerations on how brands can translate these consumer signals into effective ads:

Adjust your ads to the new reality by incorporating the Coronavirus as the context

Consider how your brand enables life instead of focusing on prevention. We are in a phase in which brands use COVID-19 less explicitly in advertising. Think of the value your brand adds to the new normal and incorporate it in your ads.

Use your Brand Assets to Increase Effectiveness 

Make sure your brand is well encoded to the ad. We see a lot of UGC content and video calls in ads, which can make it very hard for the audience to recognize the brand. Consider how you can strengthen your brand recognition while using today’s language with your audience.

Genuine Generosity is Highly Effective

Consumers expect brands to respond to the current world situation. Communicate how you are giving back to society and how you live up to any statements and strategies made during and beyond the pandemic.

Create New Market Opportunities Based on Changing Needs

Inform your audience on how you are making changes to your business to assist them better. For example, how have your product or service evolved to adapt to current people’s safety needs? Creative Studio Recommendations

Our Creative Studio team is constantly testing and iterating what works best for our customers. We have gathered a list of recommendations for your consideration: 

  • Self-recorded and/or native looking elements have proven to drive better results in Stories placement.
  • Develop a creative language for each placement & platform to better communicate with your audience.
  • Don’t underestimate the power that your messaging has in performance when testing brand new visual assets.
  • Differentiated messaging can unlock better performance on different funnel steps - Diversify your creative approach.
  • Use a diverse set of creative concepts for your prospecting audience for a better chance to succeed.

If you have any creative-related questions, contact your Customer Success Manager or send us a message at and we'll be in touch!


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