How to Pin Smartly During the Holidays

Joonatan Lintala Oct 10 2018 8 PM | 2 min read

As the holiday season is the season for discovering new products and brands, consumers turn to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. Pinners are also planners who start their research twice as early as users on other platforms.

Get the Holiday Touch to Your Pins

Scaling your Pinterest advertising doesn’t, however, need to equal with ramping up your team’s headcount. With’s solution for Pinterest, your team can connect several Pinterest accounts at once, have multi-user access, create branded pins at scale, and save and schedule them for later.

As the holiday season is known for its fierce competition of clicks that lead to conversions, a great way to differentiate your brand and catch your customers’ attention is to incorporate holiday-specific elements in your creatives. During the busiest time of the year, creating copious designs and variations might feel overwhelming to design teams, and that’s where creative automation comes into play. Creative automation allows your design teams to re-allocate their time on creating winning campaigns and concepts while waving goodbye to countless manual iterations.

Automation also helps advertisers to create high volumes of appealing ads amidst the constant battle against ad-fatigue.’s bespoke tool Image Templates is also available for Pinterest, and it enables you to create branded pins that are always:

  • Personalized
  • Relevant
  • True to your brand
  • Native to the platform


Best Practices for Pinning Smartly

  • Pinners are planners: they cherish different life moments and start posting pins up to three months before a special moment in life. Include holiday-specific elements to your creatives and start publishing them well in advance.
  • Create a brand-unique look and feel with templates, creatives, fonts, colors, etc so that your customers recognize your brand.
  • Create Pins that are true to the platform (for images the format is 2:3) - Users spot a non-native creative in a matter of nanoseconds.

Are you Pinterested in getting started with your advertising or are you looking to scale your efforts? Take the first step to pinning smartly - contact your Account Manager or send a demo request here!

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