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Tatu Tallberg Apr 02 2019 5 PM | 3 min read

Since 2013, our mission at has been to innovate for and alongside our customers. Our culture was built to support this, and our values define how we work with each other and our customers. Our values encourage every Smartlie to take ownership, trust one another, and stay humble, yet ambitious. Innovation always starts somewhere, and at, it begins with customer support.

How Our Support Was Built

In the early days, our customers sent requests and inquiries over Skype and Facebook Messenger. As the company grew, we launched an in-app chat on Intercom that allowed us to handle all support in one place. This was an efficient way to provide guidance and real-time technical support 24/5 to all our global customers. has 16 offices and among these, we have four major hubs with dedicated support rooms: Singapore, Helsinki, New York, and San Fransisco. Other offices join a video call to communicate in real time with the hubs. The video call allows supporters to ask each other questions and progress on difficult cases together. The number one objective of a supporter is to provide the customer with a solution - it can be everything from improving customers’ campaign structures to solving delivery issues. 

Today, our customers can expect a response in less than five minutes and a majority of the cases are resolved immediately - the average time to solve a inquiry is 1h20min. There is always help available, no matter how technical the issue, as even our developers participate in support.

“I rarely fall in love with a partner, but the speed and quality of’s work has been outstanding. The responsiveness – they show up, do what they say, listen closely and solve our problems." - Laura Joukovski, Chief Media Officer, TechStyle Fashion Group

Our goal is to keep an extremely high level of customer satisfaction with Support. Thus, we track closely chat ratings, feedback, time to response, time to close, and a bunch of other metrics to make sure we keep improving the quality despite on-boarding more Smartlies.

At, Everyone Does Support

The core of our support is our employees - from day one, everyone at has been doing support on a regular basis. Today, more than 300 Smartlies support our customers on five continents over several time zones. Support agents dedicate approximately four hours of support/week, making it a marginal part of their work. 

Dedicating everyone to customer support lets us stay a customer-first company as everyone is knowledgeable about the platform and technology. Although everybody does support, no one is a full-time support engineer. Instead, we have the Service Operations team that takes ownership of support and scales it as the company grows. The team integrates all communication systems, bug tracking tools, knowledge bases, and logging systems together. This makes Smartlies' lives as easy and productive as possible - without making them feel like they have a new job to learn.

Customer support is also where we receive feedback to improve our product. For example, TechStyle voiced a need to track ads while using’s creative automation tool. Ensuring everything was tagged correctly, setting up pixels so they could see click-throughs/action all the way through proved to be “tough, tedious, time-consuming but really important” according to Laura Joukovski. stepped in with a custom tool that auto-generated tracking links and appended them to Facebook ads. TechStyle used this to manually shorten thousands of links and upload them into Facebook’s Power Editor tool, saving them many hours in the process.  

At, we decided to put support right at the heart of our product and service. Staying close to our customers helps us understand their challenges and needs, which allows us to build a product and service that solves their problems and bottlenecks. The feedback we receive from our customers helps us to keep on the cutting edge of the industry as a whole and contributes to new software features, product design, and development adjustments.

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