How We Help Designers Scale and Automate Video Production

Jose Sanchez Jan 29 2019 6 PM | 3 min read

"We’re able to take our creative production process to the next level with; the platform allows us to quickly test and iterate on an incredibly high volume of video ads – without video templates, we likely wouldn't be running the variety of ads that we're now capable of."  Scott Miller, Video Editor, Hopper

One of the best optimization strategies is to invest in personalized creative and run continuous creative testing to identify the best-performing variables. This is easier said than done. Creative testing and personalization at scale pose many challenges:

  • How to produce a high volume of creative while maintaining brand integrity?

  • How to tailor creative and messaging to different audiences or funnel stages?

  • How to adapt master creative to a number of different placements, especially vertical, Stories content on mobile?

  • How to iterate and test creative variables in a scalable and efficient manner?

At, we’re looking to answer these challenges through creative automation technology, allowing designers to save time on manual iterations and focus on strategic initiatives and big ideas. We want to help creative teams and performance marketers build an automated creative engine complete with testing, template-based design work, and continuous iteration.

Video Templates Offer More Creative Freedom than Ever

If you’re new to our Video Templates, read this post to learn about the solution first. Below, we have compiled a list of our editor capabilities that make it enjoyable for designers to create fully customizable templates for personalized, on-brand video ads:


  • Custom fonts. Getting your message across in a way that represents your brand is paramount. In addition to using custom fonts, you can also customize letter spacing along with other essential text formatting options like text multi-line and padding.
  • Upload videos with transparency to include their custom brand motion designs like logo stings or other branded secondary or primary animations, together with dynamic layers.
  • Upload audio tracks. Over 60% of Stories consumption is audio-on, use sounds to delight your audience. Just upload the right track and bring your video to life.
  • Drag-and-drop video timeline to make is fast and intuitive to edit layer ordering, duration and on-stage time.
  • Change aspect ratios, adapt to different placements. You can now change the aspect ratio for your video even after creating the template. The implementation allows the user to clone an existing template and re-adjust it for other placements.
  • Toggle to show layers outside of the canvas to make it easier to edit background layers if there is an overlay.
  • Easier editing of Stories Ads. With aspect ratios visible for each ad placement, it’s simple to start building for Stories. We also included safety margins for Stories progress bar and swipe up CTA.
  • Selection of animations. You can select intro and outro animations for each layer and control the duration and easing of the animations.
  • Simpler feedback flow. We now offer a preview sharing option to gather feedback and approvals fast.

Interested in seeing creative automation come to life? Check out these success stories from our customers: Hopper, Carrefour, and Ford.

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