Improve Performance Through Systematic Creative Testing

Jose Sanchez May 27 2020 10 AM | 2 min read

The advertising industry has never been as excited about data as it is now. There are huge expectations on what performance marketers can achieve with all data available, but little insight into the role that it plays in creativity. Therefore, we need to ask ourselves: How can we merge creativity and data to enable greater performance?

The idea that data could be your Creative Director and that it'll drive your advertising to its full potential is often overly optimistic. At's Creative Studio, we use data to improve the creatives we produce by understanding its limitations and using the insights we get. The answer is not how data itself will build your creative strategy, but rather, how we can use it to improve human efforts and make the right creative choices.

See Your Creatives Through Your Audience’s Eyes

Executing creative work through the insights enables us to decipher the full potential of an idea and minimize human errors. Data can take us to places we wouldn't necessarily go to otherwise: it's like sitting in a dark cinema auditorium facing the audience and watching how they experience the film.

Advertisers' main challenge today is to stay ahead of the curve with their customers' behavioral changes. Data can give you patterns and insights, but by the time you have learned enough, your audience has already shifted the way they engage with the platforms they use and how they engage with ads. As an advertiser, you need to keep up with an ever-evolving audience to answer how they behave with the content you deliver. The answers you find today might be irrelevant in six months from now.

Get Insights Through Our Creative Testing Methodology

We believe that the right mindset is to always be testing and experimenting with audience signals as an insights generator. By working closely with Data Scientists in our creative execution, we have seen data insights as the answer to sustainable advertising performance. 

How your brand responds creatively to your data insights is the key to success with your advertising efforts. We have compiled our insights and best practices in an eBook that will give you a holistic overview of what methodology we use when we test creatives.



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Jose Sanchez

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