Increase Creativity and Performance with New Creative Tools

Pedram Yasharel Mar 05 2020 6 PM | 2 min read

To capture customer attention and to stand out from the competition, brands need to rapidly test and iterate to find the winning creatives that resonate with their audiences. However, testing and iterating work only if creative and performance teams work closely together. We have seen that often, creatives and performance marketers have worked far away from each other, creating inefficiencies in the workflow.

At, we’re constantly innovating our creative tools to keep our customers at the forefront. When our customers have incorporated our creative tools into their workflows, they have improved their efficiency and been able to reallocate their time to ideation, execution, delivery, and increase of creativity. When everything happens in the same tool, collaboration between different teams is easier, and no assets get lost in between feedback rounds. 

We recently launched the Asset Library that enables teams to have a centralized area where they can store their creative assets in one place, making collaboration easier than ever. 

Get Focused with New Designer Workflows

To be the creative powerhouse they can be, designers need dedicated tools that help them take their designs and scale them - while still being able to collaborate with their marketing counterparts.

That’s why we’re introducing a new Designer Access Role that gives designers dedicated access to our creative tools that help them create winning creatives.

The Designer Role offers a streamlined user interface, making it easier to find the designer tools. Designated designers will get access to the cross-platform Asset Library, catalogs, as well as Image and Video Templates. This kind of dedicated access gives designers peace of mind from making any unintended changes to the campaign configuration and instead focus on designing winning creatives.

Another great use case is for any business working with a creative agency. You can assign your agency a Designer Role, and they can easily collaborate with you to create stunning ads at scale, without having unintentional access to campaign setup, budgets, financial data or reporting. 

Export Your Creatives in Different Ad Formats For Any Channel with Video Export

Your customers are everywhere, which means that you should too. With, your only limit is your imagination. Build your creatives once and easily export and leverage them across any channel - whether Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, or YouTube.

With the new Video Export tool, you can take all your video creations and export them into a myriad of formats and use them in any advertising platform that uses video such as YouTube, Snap, or Google Ads. You can also save the videos to the Asset Library and use them in any campaign that you create with

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If you're a customer, you can get started right away using the new Designer Role and Video Export feature. If you're not yet using, contact us to learn how you can drive greater productivity and efficiency with your advertising efforts.

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Pedram Yasharel
Head of Product Marketing

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