Increase Dynamic Ads Performance and Save Time with Multiple Languages and Countries

Petteri Jalonen May 14 2019 11 AM | 4 min read

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads are a standard tool in every performance advertiser’s toolkit. Today, advertisers typically create individual catalogs for each country and language pair they advertise – and use those to create separate ad campaigns. Although this approach produces great results, it can quickly become cumbersome and difficult to manage when the number of markets and language combination grows.

Advertisers are able to streamline this process with Multiple Languages and Countries in Dynamic Ads by easily consolidating different language and country variations of products into a single catalog. This allows advertisers to run a single campaign for multiple countries and languages so that localized product information is automatically assigned for each user.

In this post, I cover the benefits, best practices, and limitations of the solution – along with some practical examples and success stories. Read on to find out why you should adopt Multi-Language and Country Dynamic Ads.

Why Use the Multi-Language and Country Setup?

Reason 1: Performance

The most important reason to try this solution is the potential for increasing sales and improving ROAS. As product learnings for optimization (such as which products to show to each person in Dynamic Ads) live on the catalog level; adopting multi-language and country feeds increases the learnings accumulated by a single catalog and improves Facebook’s optimization capabilities. This solution enables advertisers to create fewer campaigns to reach their potential customers and more budget can be allocated per campaign and ad set. Each ad set will drive more conversion data and delivery, so they provide more data for Facebook’s optimization algorithms.

As supports Bid Multipliers, you can also take into account different markets having different conversion values. Simply lower bids for less valuable markets (or bid more for valuable ones) to ensure the best performance.

We’ve seen promising performance results from early testers. Sunweb saw 10.7% lower cost per conversion with 23.8% better ROAS with the multi-language setup compared to setting up each catalog individually.


“Multi-language and country catalogs have shown promising results in our early tests with We’ve seen improved return on ad spend and improvement in cost per acquisition compared to our regular Dynamic Ads setup”

- Zuzana Kollarova, Social & Display Advertising Specialist, Sunweb

 sunweb_be_both_languages (1)

Reason 2: Time Savings

Catalog and campaign management are quite straightforward when you are only dealing with a couple of markets and operating in one or few languages. However, especially for global advertisers or advertisers looking to expand to new markets and languages - managing dozens of catalogs, campaigns, and language combinations quickly becomes a time sink.

Multi-Language and Country Dynamic Ads reduce manual work by allowing advertisers to combine campaigns and customize ad copy and links for each country and language automatically.

Implementing the solution is fast and easy in as you can use our simple UI to reuse your existing feeds and add the overrides in a few clicks. There is no need to resort to extensive feed manipulation. and getting started only takes minutes.

How Does it Work?

The multi-language and country setup is supported for the following Dynamic Ads solutions: Dynamic Ads for Products, Hotel Ads, Flight Ads, and Destination Ads.

The setup process is extremely straightforward if you’ve already set up Dynamic Ads:

  1. Create a catalog normally, then connect multiple feeds and define the override logic.

  2. Create a Dynamic Ads campaign and insert customization to your ads. You can customize for example title, description, price, and URL. You can find the full list of supported parameters here.

If you are not yet running Dynamic Ads or are unsure how to implement the Multiple Languages and Countries setup, we can help you get started. Just get in touch.

What Are the Current Limitations?

As it’s still a fairly new Facebook solution, as of May 2019 there are some limitations to keep in mind.

  • No support for Collection Ads.

  • Placements are limited: Currently supported placements are Facebook News Feeds, Marketplace, Instagram Feeds, Audience Network, and Messenger Inbox.

  • Customizing the ad image per language is not yet supported. Design your Image Templates to take this into consideration and customize parameters such as pricing information in ad descriptions or titles.


Multiple Languages and Countries in Dynamic Ads are a powerful addition in the performance advertiser’s toolkit. They offer the potential to increase performance and save time when operating in several markets or languages. To start using them, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager – or get in touch with our sales team if you’re not using yet.

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