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Martin Kilp Jun 24 2019 4 PM | 3 min read

When Facebook first announced Playable Ads back in 2018, it created a lot of buzz in the industry - and for a good reason. On video ad networks, playable ad formats had been around since 2014, so it was just a question of “when” and not “if” Facebook would catch up. Naturally, advertisers were excited to try out an interactive ad format on Facebook. 

Not long ago, the majority of ads served on Facebook was static images, whereas today, the majority is video. Playable Ads are the inevitable next step in the evolution towards richer media. Sooner rather than later, interactive ads will become the rule rather than the exception.

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The Rise of the Playable Ad Format

More and more apps are competing for limited user time and attention in a maturing app economy - a growing concern for most advertisers. Playable Ads lower the barrier to entry and encourage exploration in ways that static ads don’t, and thus, promise to drive higher quality and higher intent players to a game. This makes sense: having the ability to play the game before downloading reduces upfront risk as the user gains a basic understanding of the game mechanics, the visual style, and the skills required.

Gaming advertisers such as GSN were the first ones to explore and succeed with Playable Ads. Fast-forward a few quarters from launch and where do we find ourselves now? Other verticals are starting to take note, and with Facebook’s expansion of Playable Ads to Facebook’s Audience Network, we expect the interest in Playable Ads to grow exponentially throughout the rest of 2019.

Facebook is fully committed to Playable Ads, having recently simplified Playable Ad creation, allowing zip file uploads (up to 5MB compressed size limit) as well as vertical video support. You can now create higher-quality playable experiences of larger file sizes, and easily use existing, off-Facebook playable files on Facebook and Audience Network. Tracking and metrics have also improved - you now have the ability to track Playable Clicks to Open, Clicks to Start as well as Outbound Clicks.

The Future Opportunities of Playable Ads

Before the floodgates open, the question you need to ask yourself is: when are you ready to explore Playable Ads? All app advertisers, regardless of vertical, can utilize Playable Ads to drive higher intent and quality users. Gaming advertisers might have been the early adopters, but with more inventory opening up, other advertisers are already seeing results.

Whether you’re a subscription retailer with an on-boarding quiz (How often do you wear formals vs business casual? Which image represents your personal style the best?), a food delivery service (pick a cuisine and location and we can show you the top restaurants in your area) or a financial institution (model your dynamic interests rates using a slider), Playable Ads can help streamline your on-boarding process and make your ads more of a conversation with prospects. The use cases of Playable Ads are virtually endless - the only limitation is your imagination.

We have seen advertisers across verticals succeed with Playable Ads:


Think of how Playable Ads can work for you. For more information on the ad format (including creative recommendations), see this handy one-sheeter courtesy of Facebook and our 2019 Gaming Trends blog post. For a dose of inspiration, check out TreSensa’s beautiful Playable ads for both gaming and app advertisers alike. Contact us at or your Customer Success Manager and give Playable Ads a go!


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