Introducing Academy

Johanna Kalli Aug 14 2020 11 AM | 2 min read

We are excited to announce that Academy is here! The Academy offers on-demand tutorials and best practices to help our customers master the platform and to unlock the power of social advertising at scale. Through these learning plans and courses, we want to share our knowledge on how to efficiently scale campaigns and creatives, optimize, and test to drive better performance.

Why We Built Academy 

One of our core values and cornerstones of the culture is “Maximize Learning” - we encourage all Smartlies to share their learnings with each other and their customers. After launching an internal learning platform in early 2019, our Training team was ready to start offering our customers the same e-learning opportunities, developed in collaboration with our many wonderful product and domain experts. In the ever-changing landscape of social advertising, we think this is a great way for customers to master new channels, formats and placements. 

As we have grown to a global company with customers across the globe, we wanted to find a seamless way to help our customers learn at scale - even at a distance. From the beginning, we built Academy closely together with our customers to respond to digital marketers' needs to onboard new team members and to continuously develop their skills and knowledge.

Learning Smartly

We published the prototype of Academy in October 2019 to test our idea of a learning platform. Next, we built a tight feedback loop with our alpha users to learn what challenges they were facing when expanding to new channels, onboarding new team members, and using the platform. 

We identified different use cases during numerous interviews and deepened our understanding of the needs and wishes that different verticals and teams have. Thanks to this close loop, we have been able to develop and tailor the content to meet the needs of our customers. 

Staying up-to-date with the possibilities in social advertising and the rapidly developing platform is key to our customers' success. With Academy, we can offer our customers opportunities to learn at the same speed as Smartlies. is an extension and partner for you and your team. With Academy, we add another service to our catering to help our customers onboard and educate their teams in an efficient, easy, and fun way.

What’s Next? 

We have seen the challenges of onboarding the first designers and combining creative and ad buying seamlessly. Our work continues as we are looking to respond to our customers' training needs by expanding the course offerings to new areas. Our team is already helping creatives and performance marketers to succeed in their work. 

If you haven't yet, log in to the Academy here and explore what courses are available! If you have any questions, contact your Customer Success Manager or send us a message at, and we'll be in touch!

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Johanna Kalli

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