Introducing The Community

Orsolya Harkai Feb 28 2022 7 PM | 2 min read is introducing the Community, a space where you can collaborate with other users, discuss industry topics you care about, and supercharge your knowledge with fellow social advertising thought leaders. 


Building A Community Together

Stay up to date on all the latest advertising news, industry trends, and conversations with your peers to boost your social advertising strategy. With the Community, our goal is to grow your expertise and expand your network by creating a space where everyone can help one another bring out the best of our social advertising work and thrive together.

Sharing Is Caring

What can you do at the Community? Here are a few easy ways to get started. Want to test an idea? Create a poll to gauge interest in your marketing strategy and campaign ideas. Looking for feedback from Reply to our curated posts and stories and collaborate directly with members of our team. Have a burning question about our platform or social advertising in general? Ask a question in the Community Q&A forum and get help from your fellow Community members. Want to share content you’ve created? Reach out to us and we’ll connect you with the right channel. Your new marketing secret weapon is just a few clicks away.

Here’s What’s You Can Explore Now

  • Articles: Curated thought-starters published  by the Community team
  • Q&As: A space for everyone to ask and answer questions about and social advertising. 
  • Discussions: Ongoing conversations about broader marketing topics or anything else that’s interesting.
  • Groups: Interest-specific forums where you can dig more deeply into topics that are most relevant to you and your business needs.
  • Events: A list of meet-ups, gatherings, and online experiences that you can add to your calendar via RSVP. 

Join the conversation


A Community That Grows With You

An online community is only as strong as its user base, which is why we’ve set up the account signup process to be company agnostic and grow with you over time. By entering your personal email address, your connection to the Community is active whether you engage us now in your current role or business, or later on wherever you are in your career journey. 

What’s Up Next

Our Community launch is only the beginning of the conversation. As you engage with us and your colleagues, we’ll be adding features and refining the experience to grow with you. Like any good in-person meetup, with enough people gathering, we might adjust the furniture and change the lighting to set a better mood. To that end, we encourage you to give us feedback in your discussions about what you’d like to see and where we can make the Community an even better space for you. Join the conversation now!

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Orsolya Harkai
Orsolya is the global community manager of the Social Advertising Community, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing. Her background is in social media marketing, community management, and customer service. Also being a part-time yoga teacher, she has a growth mindset, and she’s on a mission to lead positive change.

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