It’s a Win:Win: How Working With Benefits Agencies

Melissa Yap Jan 02 2019 7 PM | 2 min read


We sat down with Santeri Toivanen, the Social Media Team Lead at Toinen PHD. Toinen PHD is a subsidiary of Omnicom Finland, and a member of the Agency Partner Program. .

Q: How does partnering with for Facebook campaigns benefit your agency?

A: “We use to deliver added value to our clients. Through this partnership, we can automate operations and offer wider possibilities for optimization, compared to native tools. In the long run, we save hours on manual work as well as increased ROAS for the client. Another benefit is the improved production of creative assets. We can ease the demand for creative assets using the flexible template tools. Dynamic and personalized creatives bring far better results compared to regular conversion driven ads.”

Q: What features does your agency use the most? What is your personal favorite?

A: has helped us scale our clients’ advertising, especially when it comes to creatives - like the dynamic image templates. The template tools have developed a lot during the last 12 months and I feel that have been very responsive when we have requested changes to the tool. I am very happy with how both the Customer Success Managers and support have been able to help us with setting up and deploying campaigns.

Q: What do you like most about working with and being an agency partner?

A: In 2018, our Customer Success Manager set up “ weeks” in our office and hosted various trainings, workshops and clinics. During this time, we have been able to work with them to fast forward many projects. Being an agency partner is also a differentiating factor in client pitches and recruitment: it’s a clear indicator of our expertise and will to develop the clients’ business with the best paid social tools in the market. It also challenges us to think of campaign set-ups that match the level of demands for being an agency partner, as we are constantly looking for new ways to utilize’s new features for improving the profitability of social media advertising.”

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