Key Digital Trend for 2015: Dynamic Product Ads

Kalle Tiihonen Feb 17 2015 9 AM | 4 min read

Digital marketing automation is in its early stages. It will remain one of the key trends in the marketing industry for the next few years and will change the way in which companies advertise online. We took a concrete step towards fully automated ad creation, retargeting and managing processes by developing dynamic product ads. This helps you to decrease manual work while driving return on investment (ROI) up and cost per action (CPA) down.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads make it possible to create your ad creatives automatically. They only need a machine-readable file that includes all the required data for ad creatives. If you do not have a feed tailored for Facebook marketing, you can easily use our advanced filtering options to utilise it. The supported formats in are XML, Google XML, JSON, CSV, TSV and SSV (Smartly-separated values). In addition, you can use our new image template editor with the dynamic ads to fine-tune the ad images.

image template editor

Tailored Ads With Dynamic Retargeting

Google calls it ‘dynamic remarketing’, while Facebook uses the term ‘dynamic retargeting’. Dynamic retargeting helps you to automatically reach the maximum number of potential customers, with a personal touch, after they have visited your website. For instance, if you have a website selling 1000 different models of watches and a visitor takes a closer look at four particular models on her mobile phone, she will start seeing those four models as a multi-product ad on her mobile and desktop news feed. The ads are created automatically in by utilising a machine-readable feed format. We have noticed in our early tests that the dynamic ads, especially combined with dynamic mobile retargeting, boost click-through rates (CTRs) by 730% over static ads.

Cross-Selling and Upselling for E-Commerce and Travel

Cross-Selling and Upselling for E-Commerce and Travel
Cross-selling is an especially useful way to increase the lifetime value of a customer. When someone purchases an item from a specific product set you can automatically cross-sell related items from another product set. They may be out of the handbag market immediately after making a purchase, but could still be interested in shoes from the same or related business. For example, you can choose to suggest Michael Kors bags to people who have recently purchased Tory Burch shoes.

Advertisers can upsell a product within the same category as the one a person viewed to increase profitability. For example, if a customer viewed a two star hotel room, an advertiser could instead show three star hotels from the same city that have higher profit margins. Upselling is used to encourage a customer to move from considering one item within a product category to another that would have higher profitability (eg. higher margin, higher price point or higher conversion rate).

When you cross-sell or upsell with Dynamic Product Ads, Facebook will intelligently and automatically select relevant items from the product set you choose to show in ads. Facebook decides which product to show using a variety of techniques such as co-purchasing and co-browsing behavior. For example, if people on your website or mobile app frequently purchase baseball bats and baseball gloves together, Facebook will learn to cross-sell gloves whenever a bat is sold.

Dynamic Image Templates

This unique feature helps you to automate the creation of ad creatives for feed-based campaigns through an image templating tool. With Dynamic Image Templates, you can adjust image sizes, add dynamic text, and add different shapes and color filters to personalise your ad creatives. Combined with Dynamic Product Ads this offers a way to efficiently edit thousands of products into nice looking ads that you can use in your retargeting campaigns. This helps you to get the most out of Dynamic Product Ads - all you have to do is edit the dynamic image template once, and you're ready to use it across thousands of automatically updated ad permutations with one click.

Automated Ads & Dynamic Prospecting

With Automated Ads you can automate ad creation with a product feed, even for non-retargeting campaigns. The feed updates your ads in real-time, and each ad is automatically archived when the offer or product is not available anymore, based on for example stock information from the feed. New additions and offers in your product feed are automatically added to your campaign as new ads.

If you are interested in driving your conversions and CTRs up, feel free to have a try. We always offer a 14-day free trial and no minimum contract period. Dynamic Product Ads Benefits


Feature Dynamic Product Ads through Dynamic Product Ads through FB Facebook Exchange
Dynamic retargeting Yes Yes Yes
Retarget people who have visited your site for the last 180 days Yes Yes No
Supports mobile retargeting Yes Yes No
Combine with native Facebook targeting Yes Yes No
Optimized CPM bidding for Dynamic Product Ads Yes Yes No

Dynamic Carousel Ads

Yes Yes No

Dynamic cross-sell and upsell

Yes Yes *
Automated Ads & dynamic prospecting Yes No No
Dynamic Image Templates Yes No *
Supports multiple feed formats Yes No *
Flexible feed filtering Yes Partly *
Dynamic Product Ads for mobile apps Yes Yes No
Supports mobile app engagement ads Yes Yes


* depends on the FBX partner

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