Luxury Brands Tap the Power of Social Advertising

Florian le clerc de la Herverie Mar 18 2021 12 PM | 2 min read

Richemont brand Piaget is known for luxury. The Swiss watch and jewelry maker boast the best of craftsmanship, quality and style. As such, creating beautiful, on-brand personalized ads is key for developing a consistent digital presence.

It’s for this reason that Piaget chose to partner with to manage its performance marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest in 15 international markets. Our creative automation, delivery optimization, and in-depth reporting will help Piaget push the limits of the luxury industry and lead with a forward-thinking and digital-savvy mindset to marketing.

Luxury companies are unique in that they offer a more tailored product catalogue to a smaller segment of the population. Brands need to adjust their social strategies to successfully engage the high expectations of luxury consumers. Here is what high-end labels should keep in mind when planning their social advertising strategies:

Targeting Top of Funnel 

Historically, luxury brands have struggled to take advantage of digital channels like social media, where campaigns typically aim to drive direct conversions. Unlike more affordable brands that have deployed social commerce across platforms to drive sales, social media advertising for luxury brands is used to spark awareness and engagement. As such, luxury advertisers need to target higher in the funnel, levering dynamic ads to entice consumer interest and push them along a more traditional buying journey. 

Localization and Personalization

With higher price tags that discourage casual and impulse buying, luxury consumers don’t typically checkout in the moment. That said, it is vital to establish an initial touchpoint on social media and then create a clear and personalized next step in the buying journey. For example, brands may seek to optimize ads toward an action on their website, such as getting the consumer to schedule an in-store or one-on-one virtual appointment. 

Increase Speed to Market

Running native social advertising campaigns can become a huge undertaking and – especially across numerous markets – create siloes. Creative automation capabilities can save marketing teams hours of manual work so that they can reallocate their time to campaign ideation, execution and creativity. With tailored and in-depth analytics, can also streamline reporting across markets and highlight the value of social media advertising to business outcomes.

Learn more about our advanced suite of product capabilities and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about your social advertising strategies - our team is happy to help you!

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Florian le clerc de la Herverie

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