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Siiri Hakulinen Jan 13 2021 8 AM | 3 min read

Team AweSoMe operates at the frontlines of our efforts to support multiple social media platforms. They own the campaign management functionalities that allow users to scale, automate and optimize their ad operations on Pinterest.

To fuel their future development, team AweSoMe is looking for a Backend-Focused Fullstack Developer and a Fullstack Developer to join their ranks.

Exciting technical challenges due to scale, automation and integration

“We’re currently building new end-to-end automation solutions and scaling existing automation pipelines to help our customers automatically launch, iterate and optimize their Pinterest advertising”, says Mikko, the team lead for AweSoMe.

The team wrestles with technical challenges that arise from scale and complexity. “We help some of the largest retail companies out there automate their advertising, which means we’re integrating massive loads of their data and building an infrastructure that can queue and process the data at scale,” Mikko says. “Our product is also heavily integrated with not only the Pinterest API but also the majority of the internal services in the Smartly infrastructure. This level of complexity and interconnectedness requires a high level of stability.”

In terms of tech stack, the team designs, builds and maintains client-facing APIs and automation services using GraphQL, Node.js, and TypeScript, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, and user interfaces using React, Apollo and Redux.

Entrepreneurial team

Team AweSoMe can feel like its own small startup, as they are currently the only team working on our Pinterest advertising solutions and have ownership of designing and architecting the new product from scratch. “You learn to take a lot of ownership and really immerse yourself in the ins and outs of the domain you’re working with,” Mikko says.

It doesn’t get lonely, though, because the team members get to be in close contact with the end users, some of whom are among our largest customers. “Usually, we have one developer as the main contact person for each customer we develop the product with. So if you’re interested in working at the customer interface, you can take responsibility for customer-facing communication, taking part in customer calls with the Customer Success Management team. 

On top of close collaboration with customers, team AweSoMe has close contacts with other development teams at “Our services are highly integrated with those of some of our neighboring teams, which means that we do a lot of planning together”, Mikko explains. “One of our key questions has been how to create uniform solutions and a harmonized UX across the different advertising platforms.”

During the pandemic, team AweSoMe — like all teams at — is working remotely, but they try to be intentional about communication, knowledge sharing and socializing among the team. “We have virtual coffee breaks multiple times a week to catch up on each other”, Mikko says. “We have also introduced weekly team demos, where all team members can show what they have been working on during the week and teach others so that all of us are equally knowledgeable on our team’s code, new solutions, and patterns.”

Now hiring: Backend Focused Fullstack Developer and a Fullstack Developer

AweSoMe is looking for two new team members: a Fullstack Developer and a Backend-Focused Fullstack Developer with a good command of Node.js and TypeScript. The team values experience in building large-scale data processing pipelines and event-based systems as well as a drive to collaborate with customers, product managers and designers. 

“We also appreciate a self-driven and entrepreneurial mindset,” Mikko says. “In our team, we have to have a product management mentality — a vision of what the product looks like in the future and how to get there. This is an exciting time to join the team, because we get to determine the technical foundation of a crucial part of the Smartly product, as well as innovate new solutions. In our domain, we need to be constantly on the lookout for the next step, and after the automation and optimization functionalities are finalized, we’ll be able to take on developing new solutions.”

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