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Siiri Hakulinen Mar 19, 2020 9:27:32 AM

Team Midas owns the core areas of the app that handle campaign creation and management for Facebook. At the time of the split, the team inherited an old codebase that needed to be modernized to support further development and expansion. After weighing different approaches to refreshing the codebase, Midas decided to replace the old PHP monolith with a new microservice built on TypeScript, Node.js and React. They are currently at the stage of implementing this new foundation for creating and managing campaigns.

“After we get the first production grade version with limited functionality into the hands of the customers, we will iterate based on their feedback and continue to develop more capabilities into the system,” Juha says. “The intriguing challenge is to ensure that the operations continue to work while we have the old and the new systems are running in parallel. 

A team of experienced developers

Team Midas is home to ten developers: Riikka, Grigorii, Iiro, Valentin, Oksana, Heikki, Nadya, Marko and their team lead Juha. They have close to 100 years of software development experience between them. Midas is looking for a Backend Developer to help them improve the software architecture and build new services.

“It requires a lot of brainpower to plan a refactoring of a complex old codebase, and you have to have an archaeologist’s mindset,” Juha says. “Our work is interlinked with that of many other development teams, most importantly with Bobby Tables, Senators, and Dynamo, which means that we have to be mindful of the possible repercussions of our actions.

Something old, something new 

Most of the work with new campaign creation and management goes to React, JavaScript, and TypeScript but the team also maintains the PHP based original backend. “Our app is in the middle of a transformation, where most of the campaign editing features will be moving to this new campaign creation and management functionality. Midas has a key role in packaging the campaign data neatly so it’s easier for the other team to manage within reporting,” Juha recounts. “At the same time, we’re pruning the old features and functionalities, carefully assessing which ones we could do away with to simplify the app structure.”

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