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Meet the Summer Squad of 2016

By Elli Leppisaari on August 1, 2016


We hired the first ever Smartly.io Summer Squad during the spring, and now they’re hard at work, building software, closing clients and empowering our recruiting. Meet Anton, Antti, Arash, Siiri and Roope - and hear what it’s like to be a Summer Squader at Smartly.io.



Anton Nikulin

“I’m working as a Software Developer in one of the four engineering teams at Smartly.io. I’m a first year Master’s Degree student in IT at the University of Jyväskylä, majoring in Web Intelligence and Service Engineering.

I wanted to work at Smartly.io because I noticed during the (sufficiently tough) recruiting process that here it’s possible not only to gain more technical skills, but also get a wider understanding of how management, marketing and sales can and should be done in a startup.

My first weeks at Smartly.io were mainly about getting started by fixing bugs and making small changes to the code. Now, I’m working on Ad Studies, which is a feature that helps  advertisers measure campaigns’ performance via A/B testing. Facebook marketing is a completely new domain to me, and here I have the opportunity to learn as much of it as possible. Now that I’m surrounded with great developers and data scientists, I also have a chance to learn from them and improve my technical skills during the summer.”



Antti Luiro

“I’m a bit of a hybrid between business and tech. I’m a Master’s Degree student in Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University, minoring in Computer Science. At Smartly.io,  I’m working as an account manager in the Nordics sales and customer team. In addition, I’m working with our data scientists to improve our tool’s optimization features.

What I like most about Smartly.io is that I can combine my interests in tech and business. In my daily work, I spend a lot of time working with our existing and potential customers - helping them optimize their campaigns, and set up the tool, the tracking pixels and their product feeds. My coolest project so far was when we helped a customer  automatically create ads customized locally and based on current weather. During the summer I’m also getting familiar with the data science behind our product, and I’m hoping to learn about Bayesian statistics and R and Python in practice.

One thing that I also enjoy very much in my work at Smartly.io is traveling. During my first month I’ve already visited customers in Oslo, Stockholm and Dublin, and more travel plans are on their way. In addition, I was surprised by how much autonomy and responsibility I have at Smartly.io. Sometime during my first week, I asked a colleague for a permission to do something and I got a rather amused and confused response: ‘Why would you need to ask a permission to do something? If you think it’s good, do it.’”




Arash Badie Modiri

“I’m working as a software developer at Smartly.io. I completed my B.Sc. in Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, and currently I’m studying a Master’s Degree in Complex Systems at Aalto University.

I first heard about Smartly.io when Otto, our VP of Engineering, gave a speech at an event at Startup Sauna, a student entrepreneurship hub in Aalto University. I wanted to join Smartly.io because I felt like here I would have more freedom to maximize learning and grow, as learning and self-development are strongly emphasized in the company culture.

Currently, I’m working mostly on feed-based advertising solutions, like Dynamic Ads, and my work has been fairly interesting so far. What I like best about Smartly.io is that the company culture is friendly, helpful and very pleasant. During the summer I mainly want to focus on getting more experience in rewriting legacy software, and I’d like to try out new technologies as much as possible.”




Siiri Hakulinen

“I’m a bachelor-level Media and Communications student from the University of Helsinki, and I’m working in the marketing and talent teams. My main responsibility is handling the Smartly.io career communications, team-related blog posts, social media and recuiting events. Basically, I focus my brain power on attracting talented people to join our team in all of the Smartly.io offices around the world.

My most exciting project so far was when I was in charge of Smartly.io’s presence at the Slush X Jobspotting Festival in Berlin during Tech Open Air. I worked together with our Berlin-based team to prepare our lounge at the event and I spent a week at our Berlin office during Tech Open Air. It’s very exciting to think that through Smartly.io, I have the opportunity to work not only in Europe, but also in the US and Asia.

The company culture at Smartly.io is very healthy, trusting and elevating. I have been very happy to notice that I have the opportunity to take part in many discussions and projects, not just those that revolve around my main tasks. During the summer, I still want to develop my understanding and expertise in the recruiting markets of US and Asia. I would like to write my Bachelor’s thesis on career communications and employer branding, so I have lots to learn!”




Roope Lääkkölä

“I’m working as an account manager in the UK customers team. I just came back from my exchange semester in Perth, Western Australia, and I’m soon graduating as a B.Sc. in Finance. My main tasks at Smartly.io consist of attending to our customers’ needs and make sure they’re getting great results with the tool, as well as introducing the product and our company to potential new customers.

During my very first days at work I was already involved in real customer work, solving challenges to drive better advertising results for the advertisers who use our product. I suppose that reflects the great amount of responsibility and autonomy you get here from day one, which in itself is rather inspiring. I’m also going to visit our customers and Facebook in the UK in August, which is very exciting. During the summer, I want to constantly develop my skills in customer relationship management and business development, while also learning about how things work on a deeper technical level.

What I like most about Smartly.io is its people. Everything, especially the culture, is a byproduct of who works here, and it really makes sense why there is such great emphasis on recruitment. Everyone at Smartly.io is ambitious, customer-oriented, respectful and nice, which makes it super nice to leave for work every morning. The flat hierarchy and the responsibility that comes with it, as well as working with a close-knit group dedicated to mutual success are also high on the pros list.”


Summer Squaders of 2017- ahoy!

Regardless of its name, Summer Squad is not your basic summer internship program. We hire skilled young people who we would like to have as full or part-time coworkers after the summer. Anton, Arash, Antti, Siiri and Roope are full-fledged members of the Smartly.io team, they have ownership of their work and they do challenging tasks just like any other Smartlie.

Quick learning, self-development and self-leadership are some of the core principles of our company culture, and they’re also strongly emphasized in the Summer Squad. We strive to be the place where young people can learn the quickest and develop the most during one summer.

Would you like to be part of Summer Squad 2017? Our application opens in fall - stay tuned!

A more detailed description of the Smartly.io Summer Squad and some Q&A can be found here.

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