New Collection Ad Format Combines Product Discovery and Sales

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Collection - Facebook’s new mobile-only ad format - combines a prominent video or image with four related product images in the News Feed, which quickly and seamlessly opens into a full-screen shopping experience with up to 50 products. Creating a collection is easy — just upload video or imagery, and products are automatically pulled from a product catalog.  

Create collection in a few simple steps

One of the key selling points for collection is that it improves the mobile shopping experience. With
45% of all shopping journey’s now containing a mobile action, combatting the long load time of mobile websites can make the path to purchase much smoother. Collection is an engaging and seamless mobile-only format which makes it easy for shoppers to browse products all within the Facebook app.

Collection creates the full-screen shopping experience automatically from a product feed, removing much of the manual work and making it possible to easily scale this format to reach different audiences.

Drive product discovery and sales on mobile

The combination of the prominent video and image with smaller related product images below it makes collection an intriguing new opportunity for advertisers. The visual creative can be an awareness driving asset such as a commercial or other video, an editorial image or user generated content that features several products. Even before you open the collection, the ad format in the News Feed is engaging, drawing focus to the visual experience while also encouraging shopping by featuring products related to the creative.

Combining video or imagery with the four featured product images makes it easy for users to click to see more and helps translate interest into immediate consideration or purchase.

You can create multiple audiences for a collection and promote the same or different product sets to each of them. You can also configure which creative will be shown to which audience. The four product images under the hero video or image will be selected from a product set manually by you or automatically by Facebook.

Potential use cases

  • Re-engagement campaigns for customers who have previously shopped on your site, showing e.g. a commercial for your new Spring collection or footage from a runway show, combined with a selection of products from the video
  • Category-level image or video to show related, curated products like a gift guide, living room decorations, men’s watches or women’s shoes
  • Featuring new product release with related products to encourage cross-selling
  • Promoting a sale of discounted products
  • Reimagining a television commercial with related products
  • Product demos or tutorial videos with related products

Requirements for collection:

  • You need to be using Facebook Product Catalog and have a Product Set containing at least eight (8) products. The more products you have in the Product Set the more Facebook has room to optimize which products to show in the experience.
  • Hero image or video: 
  • Video aspect ratio: 16:9 or 1:1
  • Image Ratio: 1.9:1
  • Image Size: 1,200 x 628 pixels recommended 
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