Tips For Creating a Personalized Paid Social Strategy With Bamboo & Care/of

Lina Hagström Apr 27 2018 6 PM | 3 min read

Working with advanced brands and digital native agencies sure has its perks; at the eTail East conference, we had the privilege to share the stage with our agency partner Bamboo and their customer, direct-to-consumer vitamin brand Care/of to learn how modern brands can personalize their advertising to tell stories that resonate time and again.

Moderated by's Stephanie Semaan, the panel included Anu Verma, Head of Marketing at Care/of and Daniel Pearson, COO at  Bamboo. You can watch the entire panel here, or, if you've only got a few minutes to spare, we've recapped the top insights below.

Tip 1: Let Your Brand Values Inspire Your Creative Strategy

Facebook is a significant driver of growth for Care/of. They partnered with Bamboo to drive brand awareness and acquire customers in an elevated manner. Their offering, personalized vitamins, is highly tailored to fit almost any lifestyle. The customer journey begins with a quiz that customizes the product to each user. This data point set the basis for building an advertising strategy that favors long-term relationships and highlighting what is true to the brand: personalization.

Tip 2: Think in Persona Clusters

The quiz provides a plethora of customer lifestyle data that Care/of and Bamboo distill into persona clusters. These clusters inform creatives and messaging. Relevancy is undoubtedly the secret sauce to driving performance – what data can you mine to build out similar clusters that inform how you approach prospective and existing customers?

Tip 3: Keep Evolving Your Audiences

People are always evolving – so should your strategy. Segment your audience into initial groups, run campaigns to see what happens. With Facebook and features, Bamboo leveraged the first-time buyer data to create new, similarly behaving audiences (called Lookalikes) who could be targeted next. 

Editors note: with the recent conversations around user data it's important to note that Lookalikes are created on Facebook and brands or agencies don't have visibility to who they are to protect their privacy.

Tip 4: Brand Integrity Is a Fine Balance

Verma encouraged brands to be purposeful with their brand. In Care/of's case, it means being delightful, clean, and fresh. While all brand marketers should be protective of their brand integrity, it is a fine balance. With paid social, you have to be willing to adapt to the new rules of engagement. The process is iterative so you need a high volume of assets. Be agile, try new things and continue ideating based on what you learn along the way.

Tip 5: Consider the Consumer Frame of Mind

Consumers aren't static beings, explained Pearson. You need to take into account their relationship with your brand: have they already communicated with you, have they purchased? Placement and platform matters, too: an Instagram Stories interaction will feel different to a scroll on desktop News Feed.

Tip 6: Creative as an Investment

If you’re willing to spend a lot on customer acquisition, ad creative should get a piece of that pie, too. The panelists explained that there is a direct correlation between high-quality creatives and campaign performance. Now that video is taking the center stage as a format, it's more important than ever to have the tech and the resources to run video advertising at scale

Tip 7: Democratize User Data

How to transform a more traditional company culture into a modern marketing machine? You are trying to connect with real human beings so build empathy with your advertising regardless of the channel. On the tech side, make sure you give your teams ownership of different metrics across the path to purchase so you can start mirroring your strategy with consumer behavior.

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