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Krista Kauppinen Nov 27 2017 11 AM | 4 min read


We've done a big refresh of Reach & Frequency buying on This much requested update means brand advertisers can leverage features including campaign management tools, ad studies, and third party integrations with their Reach & Frequency campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

The Reach & Frequency campaign type was developed in response to advertisers’ media buying habits; brands are used to having control over traffic estimates and frequency capping. Reach & Frequency allows advertisers to plan and predict their ad delivery and reach more accurately, as well as forecast costs by essentially buying ad inventory in advance.

We’re happy to announce we've done a full update of Reach & Frequency campaign creation in, making it easier for advertisers to run their branding campaigns through and benefit from features including our ad studies and third party tracking and integrations.

While entered the market as a direct response platform for running and optimizing feed-based advertising, we’ve grown into a full-funnel partner for brands that look to automate the entire funnel from prospecting to retargeting. Now our offering is complete, as advertisers can more easily include branding campaigns into the mix with Reach & Frequency.


Reach & Frequency vs Auction Bought Campaigns

Reach & Frequency can be paired with the following campaign objectives: Traffic, Reach, Video views, Post engagement and Brand awareness, as well as Conversions and App Installs as a secondary goal. Brands can run all ad formats supported by these objectives via

Optimizing towards reach is usually cheaper than optimizing towards clicks or actions, but the price you pay per conversion will be more expensive. Whether or not you should include Reach & Frequency campaigns in your Facebook marketing mix depends on your goals and KPIs.

Here’s a few things to take into consideration about Reach & Frequency campaigns.

  1. Reserve capacity and know your costs in advance

As the name suggests, you’ll select the audience you’re looking to reach and how often (times/ day or week) they’ll see your ads. You’ll receive an estimate by either defining a maximum budget or your desired reach goal. Facebook then shows an estimated CPM and percentage of people you’ll reach in your total potential audience, so you know in advance what you’ll pay to reach your audience.

You can book Reach & Frequency campaigns up to 180 days before an ad set’s end date. This type of ad buying ensures that you can reserve capacity and delivery in advance – even when competition on the Facebook auction platform increases.  


  1. Sequence ads easily

With Reach & Frequency campaigns, you can determine the order of the ads by sequencing them. This is a great option for campaigns that tell a story with a beginning, middle and end.  With auction bought campaigns you can only sequence Video and Canvas campaigns by creating engagement audiences based on who has seen the ad.


  1. Limited editing and optimizing

The downside of Reach & Frequency is that once you launch a campaign, you cannot edit or optimize based on performance like with auction bought campaigns. This is the tradeoff for reserving capacity and locking down your costs in advance.

When you create a campaign using Facebook's Reach and Frequency buying type, you are agreeing to pay the proposed costs for the advertising inventory you reserve. If you want to change your audience size or frequency, then your costs will also change. You can make these changes and edit your ad creatives at any time before your campaign starts.


Reach & Frequency through

For users, the addition of Reach & Frequency buying reduces complexity as advertisers can now run everything in one platform and enhance their campaigns with features including:

  • Reporting capabilities
  • Cross-account support
  • Image & Video library
  • Image Templates (ask your Account Manager)
  • Campaign cloning (using a live or completed campaign as a template for a new one)
  • Naming conventions
  • Audience management made easy, even with multiple variations
  • Tracking and 3rd party integrations
  • 24/5 real-time chat support

Ad studies for Reach & Frequency Campaigns

The performance of Facebook advertising deteriorates over time – sustainable Facebook strategies should include continuous testing to find the next approach that drives results.’s Ad Studies enables e.g. the following types of tests with Reach & Frequency:

  • Compare Reach & Frequency against auction bought brand awareness campaigns
  • Test the effect of different frequency caps
  • Test ad sequencing e.g. length of the sequence, impact of ad sequencing
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