See the Lift - How to Get Your Customer’s Foot in the (Retail) Door

Melissa Yap Mar 04 2019 7 AM | 3 min read

The global retail sales footprint is growing and is set to surpass 27 Trillion Dollars by 2020. Research shows that 67% of Millennials and 56% of Gen Xers take their purchases online, with 41% of Baby Boomers and 28% of Seniors following suit. Although customers love the convenience of purchasing with the click of a button, they also don’t want to miss out on the sensorial experience that only offline retail provides - touching a garment, checking out an innovative pop-up store, or the aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans. As one of the leaders in paid social, we partner with retail brands like TechStyle, Walmart Brasil, Eataly Europe, Carrefour, and Frávega disrupt the omnichannel landscape and drive in-store traffic through localized offers, scaled creative and automated ad operation. Here’s how:

1. Store Location Data for Mass Reach

  • Display store locations with specifics such as map cards, directions and helpful information in the creative.

  • Use radius targeting to reach shoppers close to your stores based on zip code, coordinates, and cities.

  • Use your store location data to localize ads. Promote your top products and feature best-selling products and promotions from national to store-specific level.

  • Our customer MIX - a retailer with 150 snack kiosks around Norway - used Automated Ads to geo-target hyper-localized ads based on weather forecasts across the MIX network in Norway. In just over a month, MIX created 10,262 individual, geo-targeted ad sets, making it easier to connect with their audience.

2. Experience Retail in the Palm of Your Hand

  • 75% of US shoppers use their phone while in a physical store. Our Immersive, full-screen mobile ad formats such as Instant Experience Ads can breathe new life into ads, and even create digital versions of circulars through featuring as many products as you want as in print.

  • Digital Circulars solution creates a full-screen mobile experience for weekly store deals, combined with hyper-localization drive in-store foot traffic.

  • Wow your users with customized on-brand, engaging videos from static assets using Video Templates.

  • We partnered with Walmart Brasil to bring their weekly offers to life in the digital space and provided a new way for customers to redeem offers in-store with our Automated Ads technology. Combined with geo-targeting to ensure offers were delivered to the relevant region helped drive 65 times reach among their target audience and saved Walmart 55 hours a week had they created the ads manually.   

3. Track and Drive Offline Conversions

  • Offline conversions are purchase events such as phone calls or in-store sales that can’t be tracked online using the Facebook Pixel or app events. Using the platform and Facebook’s offline conversion measurement capabilities, we track offline transactions that occur after people see or engage with your Facebook ads.
  • Target customers based on lifetime value and create lookalike audiences of your most profitable customers.

  • Frávega, one of Argentina’s leading electronic retailers with 100 locations nationwide, localized their Facebook advertising to drive a 3% increase in weekly smartphone offline sales using Automated Ads and Dynamic image Templates to show on-brand creatives with dynamically updated pricing.

We’ll be attending this year’s Shoptalk in Las Vegas on March 3-6 to showcase how creative automation is changing the retail landscape. Learn more about our retail offering and check out our guide for a deeper dive into how we can help shape up your paid social.


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