Shaping New Customer Habits Through Brand Purpose

Jose Sanchez Apr 22 2020 6 PM | 3 min read

People around the world are making radical changes to their daily routines as they confine themselves at home. While some of these changes might be temporary, others are here to stay. How is your brand prepared to respond to these changes? It’s time for creative thinking, and your best bet is tapping into your creative team. The initiatives and new solutions that you incorporate and execute now can have a lasting effect not only on your business line but also on your industry.

Your Creative Checklist During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The time to act is now. The following checklist outlines practical steps you should consider when launching your next campaign:

Reconsider your seasonal promotions and tone of voice: The virus affects a lot of people in many ways. Therefore the campaigns you planned before the outbreak won't fit the new normal. Most marketing teams will have to adjust their plans. Some of these changes might be just small iterations, while in other cases, you might need to reconsider your entire strategy. Evaluate your brand's tone of voice and consider if you need to adjust it too. 

Your customers are still figuring things out: How long will this situation last? What other adjustments will people need to make to their lives? Be aware of this uncertainty and be flexible - help your customers shape new habits instead of enforcing them.

It’s not a time for stunts or opportunistic approaches: The current world situation should not be considered an opportunity to stand out with award-worthy ideas. Use this moment to build stronger brand relationships and do things for the greater good. 

Be a charming guest in your audience’s screen: People spend more time scrolling than ever before. You have the opportunity to find ways to entertain them for long-term business growth. It's an excellent time to experiment with new ad formats, incorporate gaming elements, interactivity, and empathy to win your audience's heart.

Case: Zocdoc is an online medical care appointment booking service. They understood the importance of adapting their service as people's health concerns increased while social distancing measures have been put in place.

Users are now able to schedule video doctor visits or start nurse chats, becoming the largest, fastest-growing provider of virtual doctor visits in the US. Together with's Creative Studio team, Zocdoc was able to execute a campaign with a new creative direction and messaging that assist better and inform their audience on how to get their medical care appointments:


The best brands are the ones that put their purpose to serve people under challenging circumstances. These brands focus on building meaningful relationships with their (internal and external) audiences through brand purpose and emotional connections to thrive in the long-term. Above all, brands must stay genuine to the standards they’re setting and live up to any statements and strategies made during and beyond the crisis.

How your brand approaches today’s challenges will define your brand’s role in the world after this crisis. We are in uncertain times, embrace it and use it to evolve as a brand. Visit our COVID-19 Insights Hub for more information and if you have any questions, contact your Customer Success Manager or send us a message at and we'll be in touch!

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