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Johanna Kalli May 16 2022 5 AM | 2 min read

We are thrilled to announce the new certification program to all our customers and enable all our users to show their skills in the paid social industry.

In 2020 we launched Academy, home of on-demand tutorials and best practices to help our customers unlock the power of social advertising at scale and master the platform. We are proud to now offer certificates to help skilled users stand out from the crowd and employers to identify talent in the market.

Certification Program’s certification program consists of two certificates that can be acquired separately from each other. The Creative Foundational certification teaches how to design at scale across platforms and covers’s wide range of design tools and best practices for collaboration. This is a great starting point for all designers and anyone using’s creative solutions.

The Ad Buying Foundational certification is meant for Paid Social Managers who create  campaigns or analyze campaign performance. This certification ensures that a person knows how to automate paid social campaigns effectively for the best performance. 

Certifications programs are available to all users through the Academy free of charge. Both certification programs are supported by thorough learning plans that help users study and pass the certification exams.  

Educate and Onboard at Ease

Through our customers, we have seen how hard it is to identify talent in the market and train new employees quickly in the world of paid social advertising. A talented candidate may not always stand out among the crowd.

Foundational level certificates and learning plans have been designed to help new team members grasp the concepts of paid social advertising and platform quickly and independently to get a great start in their role.

"The exam had a good combination of questions to test your knowledge. I see a great opportunity in making the certification programme part of our new hire onboarding."
- David de Jong
Team Lead Digital Marketing, Dept Agency maintains the certification program with the latest paid social best practices and our ever-evolving product offering and eases the burden of maintaining onboarding content for employees. Staying up-to-date with the possibilities in social advertising and the rapidly developing platform is key to our customers' success.

We are determined to help our customers with all aspects of their business by creating world leading product, services and educational content to our customers to succeed in their business.

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Johanna Kalli

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