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Petteri Jalonen Apr 16 2020 9 AM | 4 min read is the first Facebook Marketing Partner to launch Segment Asset Customization – a powerful method for tailoring ads for users based on their geographic location (currently unavailable in Facebook Ads Manager). In this article, you will learn why you should adopt the solution and how you can get started.


For several years, one of the biggest conundrums for social advertisers has been the balance between ad relevance and audience size. Increasing relevance – such as having different ad imagery for people based on their geographic location – usually comes at the cost of having to split your audience into smaller groups (into different ad sets), which reduces the amount of data for Facebook's optimization algorithm.

The best practice, in most cases, has been to avoid doing this kind of creative customization and just relying on the Facebook algorithm to find the best potential customers per ad. However, especially location-dependent businesses (e.g., supermarkets) have not usually had the luxury of consolidating audiences.

But what if you could have the best of both worlds? With's Segment Asset Customization (SAC), you finally can! Segment Asset Customization allows advertisers to assign specific creative variations to specific audience subsegments based on their geographic location inside the same ad set. This way you can unlock an entirely new level of localization without having to compromise performance.

Why Should I Care?

There are two simple reasons why adopting Segment Asset Customization makes sense:

  • Potential for performance gains and more relevant ads
  • Efficiency and Time savings

Performance Gains and More Relevant Ads

As we've discussed previously, larger audiences tend to perform better. When all of the learnings accumulate in one ad set – instead of getting spread out across several – there is more data for Facebook's algorithms to work with and more accurately find the most valuable users.

With better audience consolidation capabilities, Segment Asset Customization offers great potential for additional performance gains, which can be especially helpful if you are currently struggling with small audience sizes when targeting specific geographic locations.

As Segment Asset Customization means you no longer need to sacrifice audience size for ad relevance, you'll also be able to create more engaging ads for your audience. With SAC, you can easily ensure that you deliver a more meaningful ad experience to your audience no matter where they are.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Simplifying your campaign structure can also save a lot of time. While you do need to create a more extensive setup at first, you'll need to spend considerably less time optimizing or monitoring different ad sets, allowing you to focus on more valuable activities.

Additional Benefits with Automation

The benefits don't stop there. When combined with's powerful automation, such as Automated Ads, you can take things a step further. For example: if you have multiple physical stores across several cities, you could create one ad set targeting multiple locations, but you can still show a store-specific creative to make the ad more relevant for potential shoppers. You can easily apply customizations from a data source such as a simple spreadsheet or store list.

Creative example: You can show different promotions for two different store locations without splitting targeting.


I’ve Heard About Placement Asset Customization (PAC) So How Is This Different?

The idea of Placement Asset Customization (PAC) is similar to Segment Asset Customization, but more simplistic. Placement Asset Customization allows you to customize the image or video asset for each placement (e.g., Instagram Feed vs. Facebook feed) within one ad, but it doesn't allow more complex customization based on geographic locations. 

Segment Asset Customization (SAC) supports the use cases PAC does, but it also allows further customization, making it more powerful!

Looking for Some Best Practices?

  • Each SAC creative supports using either a single image or video (Carousels or other ad formats are not supported yet). Therefore, we recommended you to use square or vertical (4:5 aspect ratio) images or videos to maximize screen space.
  • Facebook does not do any additional optimization per segment: it simply delivers a different creative variation based on the rules. Therefore, you should only create segments for audience segments that have customized assets.
  • When customizing the ads, make sure you address your specific audience subsegments clearly: make copy more relevant per subsegment, check that your creative makes sense for that group, etc.

What is Supported?

You can have at most 50 segments per ad set. At the time of writing, the following geolocation options are supported. 

  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • Zip code
  • Market area

Which Ad Elements Can I Customize?

The following elements can be customized per segment:

  • Ad image or video
  • Message
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Destination URL

How Do I Get Started?

Segment Asset Customization is supported for all customers. If you are interested in finding out more, contact your Customer Success Manager or get in touch

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