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Jose Kantola Aug 25 2016 12 PM | 4 min read
 is a global company powered by 90 employees in 5 offices, covering 4 continents: Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. To better serve our customers in Asia, we opened an office in Singapore early this year. Now, we’re in search of business talents to join our growing team of four in Singapore.

Asia-Pacific is a compelling market for any online advertising company. It’s the world’s leading retail ecommerce market and the number of Facebook Monthly Active Users in the area is increasing quickly. started serving customers in Asia in September last year. First, we handled the customer relations from our HQ in Helsinki, but by the end of the year, the number of our customers in Southeast Asia had grown too big to handle across 5 time zones. As is all about quality customer service, we decided to open an office in Singapore to be able to serve our customers better.

I was the first to move here last February, and my colleagues Matti and Suvi followed soon after. We chose Singapore as our first foothold in Asia because of the presence of many large international online advertisers and Facebook’s APAC headquarters. Singapore also has good flight connections to the rest of the Asia-Pacific market, making it easy for us to travel and meet our clients. Just a few weeks ago, we moved to a buzzing coworking space called the Great Room in the center of Singapore. Our team is also growing, Evelina joined us earlier this month and Jukka, the newest member of our Talent team, took the lead with our recruiting in Asia.

It took just over two years to become a leading player in optimising and automating Facebook and Instagram advertising in Europe. Now, we’re working towards the same growth in Asia and the Americas. Building our business in these challenging markets calls for hiring excellent account managers and business developers, who can take ownership and responsibility of an entire market, and grow it as a part of an international company. The bar is set high - not only do we want to hire the best talents, but also the nicest and most humble co-workers.


In Singapore, we are looking for people with

  • 2-5 years of experience in account management, sales or marketing
  • fluency in Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesian, Korean or Japanese
  • genuine interest in online advertising and customer service
  • social skills that allow them to build trust and close relationships with potential clients, partners and recruitment candidates
  • analytical and technical mindset
  • willingness to push themselves to exceed their goals and super fast learning skills
  • fluency in both written and spoken English, which is the main language of the company
  • willingness to travel

Working as a part of a fast-growing international team

In Singapore, we’re working with some of the largest online advertisers in Asia, like Lazada, Zalora, Skyscanner and SaleStock, and our four-member team is in charge of the entire Asian Pacific market, with direct client and revenue responsibility. Our work includes a lot of traveling to meet leads and customers in different countries - it’s pretty normal for our team members to be traveling 1 to 2 weeks per month.

None of us has a completely fixed role - everyone has to have an entrepreneurial attitude and be able to contribute to important projects also outside their own roles. For example, I write blog posts to boost our sales and marketing, and before Jukka joined the company, I handled most of the recruiting for our team in Singapore. “Wearing many hats” allows us to both learn new skills quickly and have a diverse impact on where the company is heading. supports a very strong culture of self-leadership, autonomy and responsibility. Every employee is a part-owner of the company, and everyone is trusted to take leadership of their own work and make the best decisions that help grow sustainably. Our team in Singapore communicates closely with our CEO Kristo and COO Anssi, but they don’t micromanage us or tell us what to do, because they trust that we have the best understanding of the market we manage.

At, the work is challenging and we demand a lot from our co-workers. But, we also understand - and highly appreciate - the value of free-time. That’s why all Smartlies have 5 full weeks of paid vacation per year, and we encourage each other to unplug from emails and team chats also in evenings and weekends to recharge. We have very flexible working hours and a laid-back and non-hierarchical company culture. We strongly believe that autonomy at work and a healthy work-life balance are essential for maintaining and growing team performance and wellbeing.

Interested in joining

We’re looking for Account Managers, Business Developers, Service Operations Engineers and a Head of Customers for our team in Singapore. Learn more about our open business positions and apply here.

Jose was the first Account Manager at He scaled our largest European customer and extended our business to the Latin American market before moving on to opening the market in Asia-Pacific.

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Jose Kantola

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