All Launches Two Way Integration With DoubleClick Search

Joonatan Lintala Apr 03 2018 6 AM | 2 min read

“’s DoubleClick integration allows us to compare the performance of Facebook advertising to other channels. While we previously relied on Google Analytics data, the integration now allows us to get a more accurate comparison of the channels – without manually setting up the DoubleClick tracking tags for each campaign. Now we can also leverage DoubleClick data to optimize Facebook campaigns and build reports.“ Miikka Hoskonen, Performance Marketing Manager, iProspect

With this new addition, supports automated tagging with four popular third party tools including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Adform.

While many of our customers quote Facebook as their top channel for acquiring new users, it’s seldom the only channel they use. Measuring multiple channels in a unified and comparable way can be challenging as it typically requires balancing between granularity and scale with manual ad tagging with third party tools.’s integration with Google Analytics has saved countless hours of labor for our customers by automatically tagging ads and pulling results into We’re excited to be among the first social partners for Google’s flagship suite DoubleClick and to offer similar functionalities for users of DoubleClick Search.  

The new integration takes only minutes to set up. It automatically tags all your new ads with DoubleClick click tags as well as view tags for all audiences where Facebook allows using them. We automatically pull your conversion data from DoubleClick so you can use it in reporting and optimization, including’s automated optimization suite. You can also configure to automatically send your Facebook cost data to DoubleClick if you prefer comparing CPA and other costs in their platform.  

Anyone using and DoubleClick Search can tap into the integration – if you’re only using DoubleClick Campaign Manager or other parts of the suite, the integration isn’t available for now. Reach out to your account managers both at and DoubleClick for more information. 

We’re happy to help you in setting up the integration.’s flexible tagging system also functions with many other platforms. Describe your needs to our team and we’ll help you find the best way to avoid having to compromise between granular data and the hours spent tracking it.

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