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Katie Takacs Jan 19 2021 5 PM | 4 min read

As people have leaned heavily on online shopping this year, communicating and building loyal relationships with modern shoppers on digital channels is more important than ever. 


Effectively reaching them requires hyper-personalized and contextually relevant messages that capture attention and inspire shopping/purchase behavior. 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences However many brands express the challenges of delivering personalized social media ads at scale: 72% of advertisers agree that their social media ad creation and delivery involves manual processes that are often time-consuming. is on a mission to help brands better connect with their consumers by offering the automation tools marketers and designers need to create, launch, and optimize dynamic, personalized ad variations at scale. That's why we're excited to announce that we have officially been named a Dynamic Creative Partner for Pinterest, now badged to help marketers and designers produce and scale dynamic creative across the platform. 

Why Dynamic Creative on Pinterest

Pinterest is a highly visual platform, with more than 440 million monthly active users. Consumers go to Pinterest to search for lifestyle inspiration and discover new ideas, offering a unique opportunity for brands to deliver personalized experiences at the top of the funnel before brand preferences kick in. While brands may not always know much about their audience early on, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) can help ensure ads are still personalized and relevant.


“With’s Digital Circulars for Pinterest, we were able to create automated campaigns showing recipes and Albert Heijn’s product suggestions, combining these recipes with the right offerings in a visually appealing way. We are excited to pioneer this solution in Europe together with and look forward to innovating this format further.” Bram Molenaar, Digital Media Specialist at Albert Heijn

How Can Help 

With, brands across industries – from grocery and e-commerce to CPG – can ramp up their Pinterest advertising campaigns while innovating and testing different tactics and concepts to best engage with their customers. Now, marketers can integrate any of their data sources to deliver hyper-customized Pins, automate manual creative tasks and connect with consumers in entirely new ways through the next-level of customization.'s dynamic creative solutions are increasingly important today, as they allow advertisers to better leverage their first-party data and build out scaled ‘future-proof’ customized creatives ahead of imminent industry changes.'s dynamic creative solutions for Pinterest allow marketers to: 

  • Produce on-brand, eye-catching Pins with dynamic creative templates. With's dynamic creative templates, marketers and creative teams can create templates that easily apply static brand elements such as your logo and fonts to all of your Pins to ensure brand consistency and governance on Pinterest.
  • Leverage modular creatives to test and identify which creative elements perform the highest and make the most significant impact on Pinterest. 
  • Enhance Shopping Ads to stand out in search results and drive conversions by leveraging's dynamic templates to easily apply logos, descriptions and overlays directly from a brand's catalog. Teams can also easily configure their shopping feeds and make them compatible with Pinterest's Shopping Ads to streamline workflows and launch their shopping campaigns at scale. 
  • Automatically create thousands of personalized Pin variations by dynamically pulling in real-time data and showcasing multiple products within one Pin to promote thousands of items, promos or prices. For example, brands can deliver hyper-localized or hyper-personalized creatives targeting direct data such as cities, zip codes, store coordinates, weather and languages.
  • Brands can also transform their print ads to digital by dynamically pulling weekly in-store offers into Pins and targeting via keywords or store location to create beautiful Digital Circulars. 
  • Identify top-performing creatives and review campaign performance on a granular level, helping brands pinpoint which Pins, creatives and products resonate best with their audiences. With, brands can easily boost high performing creatives with bulk bids and budget adjustments and uncover actionable insights to fuel creative planning.

"Automated Ads and Video Templates were incredibly useful during our Christmas season campaign, enabling us to create personalized ads for 12 countries in only a few days.’s unique capabilities allowed our marketing team to mass scale the ads while still focusing on individual customer needs." –Friedrich Bremer, Online Marketing Manager, Paid Social at HelloFresh

To learn more about our Pinterest solution and why the platform is a strategic choice for retails brands, check out our resources below!

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